By Anonymous - 07/06/2015 04:21 - New Zealand - Tauranga

Today, I lost my virginity. He then told me, in tears, how bad he felt about leaving his dog alone for the night. FML
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Attacksloth 33

Clearly the most important bitch in his life.


I'm sorry OP, I'm sure he didn't mean to offend you!

sex can be confusing especially early on

Men normally feel feelings of regret and sadness straight after sex

Make sure you leave him like the dog he is. So he can empathize with his own dog. FYL

ColonelCusswords 24

You need some time to chill

mds9986 24

People need to stop telling the OP to immediately break up or kick them out. Any relationship mentality that is "my way or the highway" never works out. You need to compromise with each other because no couple will ever agree with everything together 100%. If one party in the relationship feel repressed the whole thing falls apart. You have to be able to talk through these things.

Maybe a girl or guy did this to you, are you still angry? do you lie awake at night and wonder what you wouldve done differently? Do you have dreams where youre back in that moment and you wish you could do this? wwaaaa!

RedPillSucks 31

*sob* yes now my rifle is trained on some people walking below the clock tower

MakeItStopWtf 12

I hope that's not how you live your life. You may think your hot stuff now but wait 10 years. You should reconsider your outlook on relationships. You've never had a bad day? Its called empathy, you should try it out.

Do him a favour and kick him out then.

#3, You make it sound like he cheated on her. This of course sucks for op, but not enough for her to kick him out. He might have been trying to break the awkwardness after sex, or he might be an awkward person in general.

If OP lost their virginity to him then I'm going to say she knows him pretty well by this stage, if he was as awkward as you say why would OP post this? That would be extremely hurtful to the guy and publicly humiliating. Don't read too far into some things.

you just contradicted yourself; you're actually the one over-analyzing. chill, dude.

#59, you don't know that they know each other that well, maybe OP was peer pressured into losing her virginity early, we have no idea, so you can't make that assumption. Even if they did know each other well, what I also meant by "awkward person" is that he might not know what to say after sex (not just being awkward on conversations), after all him an OP just shared something intimate and emotional with each other, it's really hard to know what the appropriate response for the other person is. He probably just panicked and said that. Still an FYL, but no reason to kick him out.

Well he cried afterwards.. What do you think

The best sex OP ever had. Also the worst sex OP has ever had.

Probably better if it were with you??haha that's just me trying to make a joke. Imma walk away now

Attacksloth 33

Clearly the most important bitch in his life.

I mean come on a bitch is a man's best friend.

hippodankamus 22

I mean, I guess it's nice that he cares about his dog...?

amileah13 26

Wtf? Was he expecting the first time to be spectacular? Geez

RedPillSucks 31

well, its OPs first time, but it might not be his first time.

Atleast he's caring none the less

My thoughts exactly. First time brings out all kinds of emotions on a person especially if like the person you were with. My guess is op had an emotional moment and since he's close with his dog he kinda wanted a familiar face lol

it means he's a caring man and he'll care for you like he does his dog