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Today, I tried talking to my wife about our sexless marriage. Her only response was to toss me a sock and say "Knock yourself out, fuckstick." FML
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Attacksloth 33

What's with all of these sexless marriage FMLS lately? We need some aphrodisiacs up in here.

It doesn't sound like she's trying at all to make the sex work. FYL indeed.


It doesn't sound like she's trying at all to make the sex work. FYL indeed.

JMichael 25

I'm thinking the way she talked to him that he's done something wrong? Or she's just a bitch.

I'll never understand when women just "never want" sex. either he's doing something extremely wrong, or she's getting it from somewhere else. sex is a natural desire, no matter the gender.

Some people are asexual and genuinely aren't interested in sex, 51. That being said, they're probably not the majority of the people with issues of sexual compatibility in marriage.

martin8337 35

Asexual people shouldn't bother getting married.

Sexual desire is an odd thing, for instance if I can't find a person I have a specific connection with, I'm perfectly fine by myself. Maybe the wife is like that too and has just lost that feeling of connection. Or maybe he's become like a brother to her and it feels icky? Could be many things.

A lot of women have problems with low to nonexistent sex drives. This, in turn, can cause issues such as vaginal dryness or pain during sex. I think the way she spoke to him may have been uncalled for, though.

leogachi 15

@59 You make it sound like sex is the only reason to get married. Since sex outside of marriage is no longer taboo, what's the point in anyone getting married?

sounds like you need to be more assertive in this relationship. not necessarily pushing sex but being assertive in other areas of the relationship

Seeing as less or the loss of sex drive is one of the most common side effects of the pill, that's no wonder

Attacksloth 33

What's with all of these sexless marriage FMLS lately? We need some aphrodisiacs up in here.

Maybe it's all the same guy, I like to think this one's the follow-up to the facebook one!

Marriages get boring... Is a reality.

#61 - Sounds like you're doing it wrong.

Attacksloth 33

No, not boring. It's actually kind of cool having a lifelong best friend with the benefit of totally non-platonic love, dirty talk, and butt slaps.

#75. So, you have been married for a long time? What do you know about this?

#76. What you describe is the ideal scenario, but is not the reality. I think that the wife was rude, there's no excuse. But, it seems both of them are bored. That doesn't mean they don't love each other.

Attacksloth 33

No, I've been married for a year, but I know the joy that my mother and father, and my mother's parents experienced. My mom and dad were married for 36 years until my mom passed away... and my grandparents were married for 58 until my grandfather passed away. They never complained about being bored. I see what you're saying, though. Chemistry is mandatory, and if there's resentment, the marriage will probably eventually fail.

That inconsiderate harpy. She doesn't deserve that marriage.

Maybe she's having problems with her libido and is feeling defensive and like he wouldn't understand, would you be saying the same if she was a man with erectile dysfunction?

If I was a girl, and my husband threw a kitchen utensil at me and told me to have fun with it, yeah, I would tell him the same. If he attempted to communicate his problems effectively (like erectile dysfunction), then no. Communication is key. OP's wife didn't even try.

I'm not saying that's wrong, but I think in marriage sometimes you need a little patience, people can be childish and need some time to calm down before they'll talk about things properly. Also since when was a sock considered a kitchen utensil?

#23 I would if he threw a cucumber at his wife and said 'knock yourself out, fuckhole.'

Well to be fair a cucumber would probably hurt a bit more than a sock.

@28 well a girl can't jerk off into a sock so ..... kitchen utensil

Your marriage is probably over, bud. You should find someone better. Fyl, sorry OP.

Try suggesting it to her when she's in a better mood maybe?

ColonelCusswords 24

Seriously? Puns are funny and all but that is not ok, and you knew that before you posted it. Grow up, rape isn't funny.

I doubt that would work. If there were times when she was in a more amenable mood, it probably wouldn't be a sexless marriage. Been there, done that. FYL, OP.

cainchild 4

under what circumstances would tgis not be abuse and neglect had he behaved that way toward her, bad mood or not?

KeannaLove 32

I don't normally suggest this, but maybe it is time to reevaluate your relationship. The sexless part is one thing, but her reaction to just having a discussion about it is just horrible.

I hope there is an explanation for that behavior, something like her PMSing really bad or having a particular cramp period day along with a twisted sense of humor. But if there wasn't anything like that going on I agree: prepare for the end of that marriage.

KeannaLove 32

Regardless if she is PMSing or not, it doesn't give her the right to speak to her husband like that. We really need to stop using a woman's period as an excuse to act like a total douche knocker.

A couple of years ago I would have totally agreed with you. But after my pregnancies my PMS got so bad that even though I really did my best to control my moods my hubby could tell immediately when I was about to menstruate. Thankfully the symptoms gradually subsided after about a year each time. Now I'm not so quick to dismiss PMS for such behavior anymore.

#96, we're not dismissing PMS as the cause. We're dismissing PMS as an excuse. Each person is responsible for their own behavior, regardless of the cause. Every behavior has a cause. Does that make it ok to go around acting like an ass?

cainchild 4

my wife has terrible pms, and has never abused me. wouls he get the same excuse if his t ran high? it's a bullshit excuse for spousal abuse.

bleedingglitter 24

Maybe try a little romance. Chicks love that romantic crap!

You try being romantic when your husband reacts like that for who knows how many times in a row.

Romance? Yeah, because his wife sounds like a total sweetheart.

mikeman1744 18

chick don't want to be romantic with you? try to negotiate and tell her how you feel the relationship should be, that don't work then you leave her