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Today, I ordered food at McDonald's. I'm on crutches, and a guy offered to carry my tray to the table. He rushed out with my food. FML
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Streeet_hayley 6

Never trust people with your food


kevsnev 7

OP - Why does the man have to be called guy man?

iloveeyouuxD 9

9- that's what I was wondering. Anyone explain?

kevsnev 7

I think my previous comment got deleted. O.o

Did he have a crown, a cape, a huge head and a big smile that terrorizes children's souls?

You know the bk king no longer exists anymore.??? They fired his ass lol

cookie_3008 4

They dont call it "Fast food" for nothing.. =/

26- Wait wait wait... You are saying The Burger King is scary when the OP is at McDonalds?! Ronald is 100x worse!

No way. Ronalds a sweetheart. Burger king guy is a creeper

80 - You have a good point there. Although, I see it this way. Ronald has a different type of scariness, more typical "Imma eat your heart" clown; While the BK king has a crazy "I shall sodomize you, cut off the tips of your fingers and dip them in baby oil (made from actual babies), and then just stare at you while you cry. All. While. Smiling."... type of terror.

58 - genius?? That's no genius. That was really cruel actually. That person has no heart.

McDonald employee's these days... (That was a joke! Zomgz if you look hard enough you might find it.)

A genius for being a bitch? Lmao. Apparently, we have a ton of "geniuses" in the US.

I didnt know mcdonalds cost so much someone wants it so bad...

pwincessa23 1

Is the hamburgler at it again?! SMH

klol_fml 11
blackheart24 10

He was probably doin you a favor... Mcdonalds tastes like pure ass.

i don't know why 58 hasn't gotten more dislikes...

This was from 2011 but, I can not help myself. #5 You are not a true potterhead if you believe all Slytherins are evil. I cannot remember Merlin being evil. Plus that book was told FROM ONE PERSONS POINT OF VIEW! I myself am a VERY proud Slytherin... And would never trade it for anything. I saw videos of people taking the potter more quizzes and crying when they got into Slytherin or Hufflepuff. May I just remind you *Cough* Tonks *Cough* Cedric Diggory *Cough*. I am ashamed to be in the Same fandom as you. You give us the bad name you one sided freak. Now **** off and Admit we had Merlin **** Face. Sincerely, A Smart Potter Head PostScript I suppose all ravenclaw's are stuck up snobs to? Two words. Luna Lovegood. Now Shut the **** Up.

@180, your post has given me hemorrhoids and depression.

It's alright OP, he just wants you to be more fit. Eat a salad.

m0tl3ycru3 0

Salad? Who in the hell goes to mcdonalds to eat healthy?

xXPurpl3Xx 0

But what if OP.ordered a salad at McDonalds??

You know, you don't make friends with salad, right?

Salads from mcds is as fatty and unhealthy as a big mac or so I've heard lol

64 they are! The dressing they use is so bad it's 400-600 more calories without the dressing it's not so bad but still who goes to McDonald's for a salad?

flockz 19

i do..... i order a big mac salad special, hold the salad. its delicious!

#4 buying a salad from mcdonalds is like paying a hooker for a hug.

Should have went all ninja and kicked him in the face.

Buttsexpirate 9

Believe me, taking a pair of crutches to the back of the head hurts...

They could have whacked the guy over the head with a crutch, that'll teach him not to **** with someone's food

Streeet_hayley 6

Never trust people with your food

thumbs up if you thought that was a good idea :)

leadman1989 15

Except he just had a bunch of them prepare it.

RecklessJellyBea 7

The notorious guy man strikes again. He was last seen at Taco Bell.. alert the authorities!

Girl women are kinder and wont steal your food. Or better still, ask for a bag instead of a tray next time

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tweetypie 18

What if op didn't have a car??

and if OP was on crutches, maybe they also wouldn't be able to operate the gas pedals and brake.

jswizzle_ 6

Or maybe the guy was just an asshole who wanted free food?