By Anonymous - 06/03/2012 19:54 - United States

Today, I thought I was home alone, so I started singing to my cat. After a half hour of this, I finally stopped. Then I heard applauding. I turned around to find my parents standing in my doorway. FML
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scarletscarface 10

that must have been awkward :)

I hope it wasn't sarcastic applause. If it was your parents are just mean.


scarletscarface 10

that must have been awkward :)

Pixxio_O 11

The fact that your parents were listening in wasn't the 'FML',but the fact that you spent half an hour singing to your cat is the real 'FML' in my opinion...

Have them put down?

youjustmademelol 4

So there your parents... They saw you shit, they saw you naked, they held you to there boob. If you thought that was embarrassing loosen up, it's just weird

Do I stick their nose in it?

kittenvks 11

33 if you're not going to correct it all, don't correct at all

Grammar nazis make me sad

Baha! I hope you're aware that your parents are never going to let you live this down. This will be brought up at family get-togethers, parties, birthdays, your wedding, etc...

A100893 30

At least they didn't decide to send you to the nut house. They literally gave you a standing ovation.

All these grammar errors... can't..... comprehend....Self-destruct in 3, 2, 1. Anyways, situations are only as awkward as you let it be! Play it off cool and walk away, it usually works.

The funny thing is that I do the exact same thing on my free days. XD Can't wait until my parents find me singing "phantom of the opera" or "Whoa is me" it will be awesome!

wow op your that bore and plus even reading this FML makes me feel a bit embarrassed for u

45, people who cannot spell make me sad.

rum826 0

Kony 2012

Was it a medley of smelly cat?

I hope it wasn't sarcastic applause. If it was your parents are just mean.

It was not a sarcastic clap, it was a genuine applause. They were clearly clapping for OP's cat who was able to withstand such torture. Next challenge, Justin Bieber.

Pixxio_O 11

After Justin Bieber, the ultimate challenge: Rebecca Black.

MetalxSoldier 26

Maybe she was singing a song by the "Cat"aracts (sorry I dont know how to spell that)

#15, that's not a challenge that's cruel and unusual punishment!

I wonder how you convey sarcasm in an applause

You do a slow clap whilst staring right at the person.

littlegold 7

my parents clap like that when i was dumb.

I take it you outgrew your stupidity phase?

ididntdoit1980 8

It's a sign for you to go on American Idol

Nah, go on The Voice. Better show.

EvilTwerp 12

I was imagining the scene from 'Elf' where Buddy is sing in the store.

pigbilly 0

That show is a disgrace to the american race!

pigbilly 0

That show is a disgrace to the american race!

At least they applauded, they could have done a lot worse..

I love all the thumbs up on this. Haha!

What the cat did not like it

Sinamoi 18

Please re-read the FML and try again.

Dip shit the cat didn't applaud you think hard and read again

Sinamoi 18

Chill with the hostility. No one likes an internet tough guy. The FML is that she thought she was alone and her parents were there listening. Of course the cat didn't applaud. I realize you're probably trollin but, eh, whatever.

Unlike yourself, I guess the cat didn't have a hairball in its throat.

You're kind of a're like "Internet: The Guy". :)

You should definitely make a solo record :D

Pixxio_O 11

'I dedicate these following songs to my cat'

Lucky, my cat attacks me if I sing to her. No accounting for taste.

I guess in this case, the cat should of 'got your tongue', to make it stop...

Dude your "witty" comments suck so stop posting them because they're really annoying and always get thumbs down

twifan1901 0

Maybe someday his comment might actually be witty!

^ Don't get your hopes up.

No. You guys are completely wrong! He's a witty genius. We're just too stupid to understand his humor and in general are retarded.

These are only 2 comments, nearly everything else I post gets thumbed up... Lol as soon as a make a bad joke, POUNCE!!!

Actually 30, his comments do get thumbed up quite a lot. So calm down and click through and see for yourself.

I thought the joke was okay...

The down thumbs were probably for the use of "should of" instead of "should have".

I must say drmimes comments make me chuckle/smile a good 90% of the time.

By the way Dr. Mime's profile says "People who are too stupid to understand my humor/ just retarded in general"

96- why yes, yes it does! We are learning :)

Ahh!! Attack of the bad cat puns...

Can y'all just paws for a meownute? My jokes are just repurring to felion behavior. My jokes are smart and kitty, and I find it meowtstanding that no one can appreciate them.

What were you singing?

Maybe my cat would like it.

missyj0 12

Your cat looks like it's having the ultimate kitty orgasm.

ObsessedWithGays 7

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr."