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MrsHaxxo 22

At least he is trying to protect his family.

Holy crap? What happened afterwards?? Hope you're okay OP!


Oh god. I hope you're okay

He really knows how to lay down a beat. Maybe he should become a DJ.

Sorry OP...On the bright side...if it really had been a burglar, you know your dad can defend you!

MrsHaxxo 22

At least he is trying to protect his family.

He was having a snack attack.

His family or the T.V.? Lol.

MrsHaxxo 22

maybe both :p

Maybe he considers his TV family.

Be glad it wasn't me, I have a machete next to my bed.

#29 Maybe he really likes the abc family channel?

#29 - I think a lot of people do. TV isn't the best parent, friend, and babysitter, but it's by far the best mix of the three.

There's a reason the police are required by law to announce their presence before opening fire on anyone, even if they *know* beyond any doubt the person they're aiming at is the guy they want. Shit like this is the reason.

Holy crap? What happened afterwards?? Hope you're okay OP!

The mom tasered then both, not because she thought it was a burglar, but for the snacks.

#18 I am disappointed that you did not say "for shits and giggles"

Hahaha well maybe next time have a light on?

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of sneaking?

Well he obviously was trying not to disturb anyone, hence the headphones, so why would he turn on a light?

You're not a bright one, are you?

Or at least that's what he claims to have thought

By you having to sneak downstairs, does this mean you were going to watch something naughty? Anyway, I hope everything is okay.

Or it could mean she was just being consderate and not trying to wake up the entire house…

Or he isn't allowed to watch TV at night.

#8 strange question. You must have done that before, huh?

What, you haven't, 46?

Now that's what I call a snack-attack!!

why would you have to be so sneaky to watch a movie?

Because teenagers are not usually allowed to watch a movie in the middle of the night before a school day. AKA parenting. Or OP was just trying to be quiet to avoid waking up anyone.

I've had insomnia most of my life and my mom has always been a really light sleeper. When I had a bad night of sleep, I would have to sneak downstairs just to be nice to my mom. Maybe it's the same sort of situation for the op.