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They were having kielbasa maybe? "Ohhh yeah, that's a BIG sausage you have. can't wait to take a bite *licks lips*" so yeah... dumb porno talk.. but necessarily irrelevant per se in this potential case.. unless you don't like kielbasa...

By  Oh_No_Not_Him  |  25

At last!

A FML where "That could've happened to me" is funnier than "YDI"!

Although of course it couldn't have happened to me. Certainly not! Absolutely not!

By  RichardPencil  |  30

You must be watching that fancy porn that fancy people pay money for.

The free internet stuff has nothing much beyond "Fuck, yeah. Shit, shit, shit. Fuck yes!"

I'll bet yours has a cool jazz accompaniment, whereas most free porn has nothing! I did see a compilation featuring "Yakity Sax." Kinda ruined the mood.