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And how could that possibly be your fault?

You know you have a smart boss when he blames you for 2 strangers having sex


That's a shitty situation.

Was it a 5 star porta potty ? Those things like hotels for the homeless to have sex in

But shitting was not mentioned in this FML

Hey, homeless people have to get it on too, right?

Was it Mike and the boys from The Other Guys?...

#37 that's how dirty Mike got his name.

I am so sorry

And how could that possibly be your fault?

Because op obviously runs a homeless sex ring off craigslist

And now you've inspired bum porn to go along with bum fights. I hope you're happy.

She obviously hooked two homeless people up, duh

You know you have a smart boss when he blames you for 2 strangers having sex

I mean seriously, who the hell would organize for homeless people to have sex at their work site. His boss should be fired -.-

They may have been blamed for leaving some entrance unsecure so the homeless could get in. Just guessing, of course.

You didn't ask to join? Sir, where are your manors?

It's a construction site. The manors are still being built.


@23 the pun you

How was that a pun?

I interpreted 5&7s comments to be clever switches between manners and manors, as this post has to do with construction. If it was unintentional and indeed a spelling error, only then do I apologize.

Haha, the things that happen at peoples work are unbelievable

You must not have a job then lol the work fmls aren't hard to believe.

Well, ew. If you have a job where it's common to come across these things, I suggest looking into different ones. The fact that your superiors would try to fire you for something you had absolutely no control over only makes it worse. Best of luck finding a new, hopefully cleaner, place of work.

you can just steal an idea and rent the potty out by the hour. a portabordello

You know what they say. When the port-a-pottys a rockin' don't cum a knocnin'.

Your boss should get a role in a sequel of Horrible bosses :/

I would throw up

Your pic with this, rofl.

Hmm.... Sex and warm food.