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Today, I had to spend a few hours in a hospital with a toddler and a preschooler projecting vomit all over, because my husband thinks "expiration dates are for pussies." FML
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How did OP end up with theses kids? Expired condoms?

I am assuming these are your children... so why the hell would you let their FATHER dictate a "policy" that could potentially poison them? You need to assert yourself more, especially on matters of safety, for your children's sake if not your own.


I am assuming these are your children... so why the hell would you let their FATHER dictate a "policy" that could potentially poison them? You need to assert yourself more, especially on matters of safety, for your children's sake if not your own.

OP might not have been home when the dad pulled his stupid stunt.

I can see where you're coming from #1 but like #14, she may have been out. Also, the mother of the children shouldn't have to end up treating the father like a child and approve everything he does! Obviously I'm not saying what he did was okay but when I have children I don't want my partner to feel he HAS to ask permission to give things or do things with them as they are his also.

From the way it was written, I got the impression that the husband refuses to throw out food after it's expired and has no regard for food safety, and the risk was therefore something that was ongoing. My father was like that, as are many parents I know, and I can't stand people like that. You may be right and it was a one time thing that the mother didn't happen to be around to prevent, but there's no way to know. And even in that case, she shouldn't have to be around to prevent it. She should be able to trust the children to their father secure in the knowledge that he will not harm or endanger them in any way, which does not seem to be the case here. Either way, at least one of them is acting as an unfit parent in my book.

Some expiration dates are just not that relevant. Sure, you should probably keep track of them when it comes to meat, but eggs, milk etc. usually stays fresh way past expiration date (at least here in Sweden).

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It doesn't matter if the father was home or not, since the mother could throw out all the food on her own, when her husband isn't home. I don't know what's going on there, but neither one of those parents are solely to blame. ESPECIALLY if the mother knew that her husband didn't believe in expiration dates.

ahaha yeah, I agree with 14. from the sounds of it, I'd say the father was the person who willingly gave it to them, not the mother. and I doubt all mothers ask their husbands if the food they're giving their children is expired every time he goes to feed them. lol

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Are you sure it's an expiration date and not a sell by date? Here milk has sell by dates, giving them about an additional week.

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Unfortunately, it could also have been prescription expiration dates, which are almost meaningless in the US. Not sure what the Canadian laws about this are.

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The mom ought to toss the food herself without getting his permission. Also, many times you will hear moms say that they have 3 kids when they only have two, meaning their husband is included. This is an example of that.

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#62 Says "I don't know what's going on there" but read her username.

crazytwinsmom 25

Some prescription drugs do change over time, and not for the better, not just losing strength. Check with a pharmacist before using past the date.

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You go girl. Read my mind when you made the comment

103 - that's not true. Medicines can go bad and make you sick. It's not just "loosing potency" that's like saying vegetables just loose flavour.

#49 I completely agree. His actions are dangerous to the children and FML alludes to him having a pattern by his belief about expiration dates. If she can't trust him to feed her children non expired food he is an unfit parent. That could be seen as knowingly poisoning your children because you know the food has expired. And since she (the wife) knows what her husband has just done and believes then she needs o give him an ultimatum. Even if this is something she just found out. If she does nothing to correct this behavior then she is aiding and abetting in the potential poisoning of herself and her children. If that is the case both are unfit. Either the husband learns from this or there needs to be a divorce. if there is no divorce than the kids need to find better homes.

He is an idiot,you are weak for letting him serve bad food...

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As 14 responded to 1, I'm sure she wasn't there when he did it.

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Don't forget they're both fools for buying so much of a product that they didn't finish it before it spoiled. Good grocery planning can add up to an extra case of beer every week, or a vacation every year.

Now, I'm not a woman but even I know that vaginas don't have an expiration date.

Actually, they do. The supposed purpose of the ****** is to accommodate the penis during the sexual intercourse with the "only intent" of reproducing. Since women stop being able to have kids after menopause, they kinda have an expiration date.

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#26, the ovaries expire, but the vaginas don't.

#26 I'm sure you've seen 'granny ****' right? Their ******'s are well and truly in use and they've been through menopause! Like perdix said, it's the ovaries that 'expire'!

It's alright TourettesGuy, I got the joke.

29, would you have sex with an old lady with an old ******?

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The expiration date is coincident with death. Perhaps a little before.

Clearly it was too subtle for the ignoramous masses.

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Lol almost no one got it , too busy being clever and factual .

How did OP end up with theses kids? Expired condoms?

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#28, the OP means that her husband fed their kids expired food and they got sick. Hope that clears things up.

OP is Original Poster. As in the person who started the thread.

Why do people ask questions in this app that can be Googled?!

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#41, why don't you Google that question and see if it breaks the Internet?

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41-Because upon searching a similar question the first website is Wikipedia. Which states that it likely means original poster or overpowered. Now, since you can't trust Wikipedia you go to the second website and they say it's overpowered. So op obviously means overpowered. The Internet doesn't lie.

Bahahahaha!! Internet doesn't li- oh I get it now. Yes but we really need like a welcome to the Internet 5 page handbook on the residents and what to expect when you chat people.

I'm not ******* stupid ik that just a simple question what does "op" means dumbass

Thank you #34 and my first comment was for #33

Well, if he thinks expiration dates are for *******, maybe so. That said, OP, you should have made HIM take the kids to the emergency room, but he'd probably screw that up as well.

He will probably receive a Darwin Award some day.

Unfortunately there is not much point to that, since he has already reproduced and guaranteed that his subpar intelligence will stay in the gene pool for at least one more generation.

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9 My wife is a nurse, and is WAY too over the top with experation dates. I know you are a man hater and all, but not all experation dates make sense. The kids the OP took to the docbastard or one of his coworkers could have been sick before they ate whatever. Now, if it was indeed something the father did, I am sure he will do better nexttime. But having the mom "assert herself more" will not work often. Men kind of have a thing abou being treated like little children. Kind of puts us on edge.

RedPillSucks 31

Why do you think #9 is a man hater? If men don't want to be treated like little children, then they shouldn't act like little children. Using common sense isn't that hard. I get the whole expired food thing. I have pretty good germ tolerance, having grown up outside the US and eat "old" food all the time, but I don't give it to my kids, who were raised in the US.

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I wish I could do thumbs up twice for Red...

68 You should never give your kids something that could make them sick. Your wife has every right to be concerned with expired food. And I'm not sure why you think 9 is a man hater, but OP's husband did something stupid and irresponsible, much like a child, so he's pretty much asking to be treated like one.

wlddog 14

I am sorry, i guess i should of made a reference to her #1 post. My bad for not making the reference earlier. And not all sickness comes from expiration dates. It is possible it could have been a coincident.

Their stomachs will soon be steel. Listen to your husband, he knows what it takes to be a man.

My family is like that. "Freeze it, it'll be fine!" I have found entirely green, MOVING Cool Whip, blue peanut butter hard as a friggin rock, and countless other things. You are right, you need a steel stomach just to look at the stuff.

TheDrifter 23

If you freeze cool whip until use it should never turn green. Nor should peanut butter ever turn blue (unless there's some chemical additive in yours). Maybe you should try their advice? Or fix your freezer?

No, those particular things weren't in the freezer at the time. The peanut butter was in the cellar-way, and the Cool Whip was in the fridge. Although I think the Cool Whip was only in there a few days before I started wondering what the smell was. No idea where it came from.

Depending of what the food item is you can actually eat it way past the expiration date, wouldn't reccomend it for small children though...

Yeah exactly. I can handle most things past expiration date, but he really should have known better. Young kids don't have an iron stomach yet.

420Zombie 17

I'd say it also matters how far past the expiration date said food is

RedPillSucks 31

When the stuff you're about to eat pleads for its life, that's the time to throw it out.

Indeed, for most foods you can just tell from its condition if you can still eat it or not (e.g you wouldn't put milk in your mouth that comes out of the carton in clots). I wonder how the father failed to notice that this food was spoiled before feeding the stuff to his kids, because if it was so rancid it put two kids in the hospital, he really should have smelled/seen/tasted it when it was not yet too late.

RedPillSucks 31

I'm guessing he probably didn't smell/see/taste it before giving it to his kids. Some dads can be irresponsible like that.

Expiration dates are, indeed, for *******. That's why cats have nine lives; they don't eat expired foods.

So you're trying to tell me that humans supposedly only have 1 life because we eat expired food and if we didn't, we'd have 9, just like cats? What? Why didn't anyone tell me about this before? My whole life has been a lie. Dammit.

Maybe you should cook him dinner with a few expired ingredients so he knows what he put the kids through...test that theory through.

I'd suggest a bowl of cereal with expired milk. "Mhmm, chunky."

If it's a best before date, it's normally alright for a few days after. I generally avoid food after an expiration date though.