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Today, I learned where my mom's "special hiding spot" that I'll "never find" for the Halloween chocolate is, when I preheated the oven to make cookies. FML
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My special hiding spot is in my stomach. No one ever finds my chocolate.


michaelaranda 28

but the wrappers probably melted too.

OP You dumba**, you're ALWAYS supposed to open the oven and check before you preheat... Baking 101

My special hiding spot is in my stomach. No one ever finds my chocolate.

evan_7899 28

From one kind of chocolate to another, I don't see a problem

Darn it! I knew I should've looked there!

Hey #4, ever been tied to a chair while a guy in a ski mask dances around you with a dull key hole saw while listening to Huey Lewis? I'm getting me some chocolate.

I don't understand this comment... Not at all

Infamous_Tora 12

Its a prejudice spin-off of "Americans" If he is American by no means does he represent all of us.

Why the hell does your mother hide the chocolate? Doesn't she realise that makes it harder to eat? Unless it's white chocolate. That isn't even chocolate. **** that shit.

Dark chocolate is like a gift from the gods.

RedPillSucks 31

I'm missing both the discrimination and the irony... We're talking about chocolate, right?

Yes, I mean chocolate. It was a train of thought joke. Figured it would be down-voted anyway.

No. The talk is about religion now. Delicious religion.

Oh hell no! Dark chocolate was sent from the deepest pits of hell for old people to give, also mixing it with everything you can think of from nature! White chocolate was sent from the heavens to mix well with milk chocolate!

Dark chocolate isn't LIKE a gift from The Lord. It IS a gift from God. And white chocolate is actually bad for you.

spiritfang11237 16

So Dark chocolate is from heaven and white chocolate is from hell? So dark chocolate is heaven-sent and white chocolate is sinfully good? Where does milk chocolate come from. Mmmm....chocolate

#109 Have a seat on my lap and I shall tell you the secret of milk chocolate. See, when one dark chocolate likes a white chocolate...

stephers444 17

I hope all the chocolate didn't melt and get ruined. If it did then what a waste of perfectly good chocolate.

Think about it: OP preheated the oven. Preheated. That means it had to have been around 250°F before she realized what was going on. Chocolate melts at 86°. That's why it melts when you hold it in your hand too long. Blind idealism never helped anybody. So, yes, it was a waste of perfectly good chocolate.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Exactly how much of the FML did you read?

Please marry rich, because you sure as hell won't be making money from your intelligence.

Your mom doesn't sound like the brightest person, though mine isn't either

\ 28

OP's mom is a Derpasaurus. Who stores chocolate in an oven? Might as well keep a raw turkey in there too.

RedPillSucks 31

Someone who thinks the oven NEVER gets used. It's a slam on OPs cooking skills, or perceived lack, thereof.

That's a pretty sweet hiding spot lol i'd never think to check there

I doubt many people would have looked in there. Lucky it was Halloween and the goods were chocolate. Imagine if it were Christmas or a birthday. Melted ps4 or kitten anyone?

why would you hide a kitten in an oven...?

im more interested in knowing HOW you could hide a kitten in an oven? what a ruckus it would kick up there :)

True, but the magic is kind of gone if the melted chocolate is mixed with wrappers.