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  lololol32  |  0

Today, I was at the beach. My parents went up to all the hot chicks in bikinis and asked them if they were interested in me. I am now known as "momma's boy" at this beach. FML.

LOL I would hate to be your boyfriend OP

  FFML_314  |  11

There is definatley more to this story. I'm hoping that your boyfriend set them straight. If not, then I'm going to assume that he doesn't care to much about you.

  bwhahaha_fml  |  10

op I have some questions for you…

#1 where you always ready to be used by your bf whenever he wanted you?

#2 do you not drive?

#3 have you made over 100 sandwiches for your bf?

#4 where you in the kitchen when his parents told you?

if you answered yes to any of the questions then ydi. have a nice day op

  GRyphonLJJ  |  0

My brother-in-law has tried repeatedly to set his Mom straight. He is dating a great girl and has been for sometime. Yet, his mom keeps trying to set him up with other women.
The last straw, at his brother and my wedding, his mom changed tactics and decided to tell the girlfriend my brother-in-law was never going to marry her so she (mom) was going to find her a great guy.


I could have offered more sound advice but it was 4 a.m. I shouldn't have been up, let alone posting! Rethinking this, I'd break up with him, and let karma take it's path. Who knows, maybe they'll get eaten by a shark. Odds are, you guys are pretty young anyway. Wait a few years.

By  nadia716  |  3

well i at least hope he stood up for you a teensy bit, but i guess my bigger question is what did you do to piss them off? because if they prefer random chicks they just met off the beach for their son....something's wrong. lol.