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Today, my mom left for a business trip. Thinking it was a good time to throw a party, I mass messaged everyone on my contact list. I thought it was going to be a success. The problem with this? My mom is on my contacts list. She replied "I'll be home in an hour. You're grounded." FML
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OP is definetly an amatuer at party throwing.

enonymous 8

Just tell her it was going to be classy with some wine, cheese and Oprah's book of the month.


OP is definetly an amatuer at party throwing.

vergaso 0

Did you Open the door Get on the floor Then proceed to do the dinosaur?? Was your mom covered in spaghetti when she got home???

7 that made no sense, and was not even remotely funny. Try again next time

vergaso 0

It made sense motherfucker... If you're going to be on the fucking Internet do it right faggot

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That cost you no rager and no parental trust, that's a double burn my friend

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bmar97 5

because, you have your moms number saved in your phone. duh.

YourEvilHero 12

hey she could have done worse and came back while the party was going on in her underwear and said "heeey everyone I'm ops mom, it's passed her bedtime but she's been a good little girl."

Just say it was a joke did you really think I'm that dumb?

Today I left for a business trip. My son then texted me aling with a shitload of other people saying theres a party at our house. Not only did he try to have a party, he's an idiot. FML

The cake was a lie

I'm guessing 'business trip' means running to the grocery store in Canada.

who throws a party when parents go to the grocery store?

I was under the impression that it meant traveling for business reasons, but I'm no expert.

I was under the impression sarcasm still existed...

I was under the impression sarcasm still existed...

I was under the impression you didn't need to post your comment twice!!

bmar97 5


wow 55, way to be a combo breaker

I know what you mean. Why did OP even start texting everyone if her mom is STILL around.

fylasmuchasmine 0

I'm Canadian, what is that supposed to mean? In fact, Alberta, such as this person. But, seriously?

For all of you getting offended over the Canadian remark, when my dad went on a business trip, it would involve him flying to other parts of the country, or overseas. Not much my dad could do at an office in London when I'm in Texas.

I thought it was amusing.

False. It's actually called a beer run.

I feel like there should be a Soviet Russia joke somewhere in here..

Damn straight, 144. Or perhaps to grab some beaver tails, depending on the season. And 3 - your comment still makes zero sense to me even after your "explanation". Could OP's mom not have been driving to the airport?

Hey I live in texas!hahaha

Your your grandparents also know about the party, how awk

You're*. If you're going to sarcastically insult someone's intelligence don't sound like an idiot while doing so.

What the above post said. Plus don't say awk it is idiotic.

Uhm, I donno about you but I for one don't have my grandparent's cellphone numbers stored on my cellphone. Nor do I believe my grandparents even HAVE cellphones.

SeedlessMe 13

Well I 'donno' about you either MissMae, but once you're out of the pettiness of high school, it's perfectly acceptable to have your grandparents/other family members phone numbers in your contacts. Besides, I'm older than you & my grandmother has a cell phone. She even knows how to text! Lmao--- Don't be dissin' grams!

koolkat27 13

if you're gonna say awk at least say awks.

She never said the party couldn't happen!

No, she's just grounded....

enonymous 8

Just tell her it was going to be classy with some wine, cheese and Oprah's book of the month.

Dont forget the classical hardcore mozart music

No no no, Mozart is too wild, which could promote rebellious themes. It must be more maintained and proper, like Brahms or Hayden.

He prob wrote in the text that it was a wild party or something!!!!

enonymous 8

72 fuck that shit lets Bach this MotherFucker up!

Good job, dipshit. You could have said you were joking, you know.

marpay 11

Because their mom is totally going to believe them. Most mothers can tell when their child is lying to them.

SimpleMinds_fml 7

Just say "haha wow I was kidding just trying to freak you out." I know I could easily make up an excuse and get out of it.

"You think I'm stupid enough to mass text everyone on my contacts list including you about having a party? What kind of idiot do you think I am?...(2 seconds later)Guys party cancelled mom figured out bout it"

Grandma and grandpa will be happy to hear.

callmedaddy702 0

Now you can have a grounded party and only you will show up.

Cheerieful_fml 2

Surprise! Its your birthday party Mom. :)

Why would her mother believe that? She was going on a business trip. Even if it was a party for her, she'd miss it.

Y r there negative thumbs? This guys got a point!

jalapeno64 10

Why would you have your mom on your contact list?

hilary56 0

Umm why wouldn't you?

I have my mom on my contact list

He's young enough to still get grounded, therefore probably relies on mommy dearest for some things, so saving her phone number in his cellphone would be wise.

ashes1005 0

Ive got my parents and grand parents number n my phone n i dont rely on them for anything but who doesnt remember tgeyhave their mons number saved n their phone

That's why I said probably. Most teenagers rely on their parents unless they are independent. Judging by the context, I think it's safe to say OP is under the age of 18 as I've never heard of a legal adult being grounded >.> but I could very well be wrong o.O

missmurderx 8

Do you rely on everyone's number that's in your phone? >.<