By CryoSpectre - 11/05/2015 04:23 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I made my mom cookies for Mother's Day. My brother took all the cookies to work as a snack, because I didn't specifically tell him that the homemade "MOM" hearts weren't meant for him. FML
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He probably read them upside down and they said "wow." I'd take Wow cookies to work.

Cookies laying around are always up for grabs! It's too tempting to pass up. I'm sure the thought still made your mom happy and a laugh for later years.


Well.... Did they taste good?

That sucks OP:( but a hug and a card will work the same:)

He probably read them upside down and they said "wow." I'd take Wow cookies to work.

OPs father is probably a doge!

Wow. Much cookie. Many steal.

Well that's just common sense. He could have at least asked.

If you ask you always risk being told you can't have them. If you don't ask, you can play dumb AND eat cookies.

I hope they were made with love

Apparently it doesn't matter if cookies were made with love. I made my mom cookies and all she did was complain about how her wash cloth was chocolatey and how they weren't the same as the boxed kind.

maybe he is secretly a mom? just tell your mom what happened, she will understand

What the fuck are you hypothesizing?

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in my defense, it made more sense in my head. I now realize I embarrassed myself

I'm sure if you explain the situation to your mom she'll be just as happy knowing how you thought about her! I'm sure she also knows that mistakes happen and that siblings can be a pain!

Perhaps. But knowing FML , Op's mom is going to get irrationally upset and kick Op out.

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Telling your mom you love her is the best thing you can give her. :)

Well that wasn't very nice of him. I'm sure it was appreciated whether your mom got any or not. That was very nice of you!

It's the thought that counts but maybe he thought he was allowed to take a few, either way that was very nice of you!

"A few"? The FML clearly states he took them all!