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  \  |  28

Then dump the dumpster in a public waste dump.

  Treveyon56  |  14

Not necessarily 84. The guy could be cheating on both without either one knowing. I remember a guy managed to have 3 girlfriends and they didn't find out until all three tried to surprise him at his apartment.

  RaginBitch  |  6

DocBastard: I love you, just sayin! Your comments always have me laughing!! LOL

I'm sorry for you OP, my man and I joke all the time about his dirty little mistress leaving marks on him at work (he builds escalators and comes home scratched all the time) and about what days are best to have my other boyfriend over when the kids arent in the house. I've wondered a few times if he could possibly be playing around under my nose and even told him, "you realize you could be screwing around the whole time and I'd have no idea!?!" he says "I know, but I love you and wouldn't cheat on you!!" And that's enough for me! We all fear the worst, and far too often that's the case....but at the same time, it keeps a spark alive to know that they're not dead just cuz they're with you and can still joke around!! For your sake I hope you did ditch the ass!! But don't let it make you think that ALL men are scumbags! AND women can be just as bad, if not worse... Messed up world we live in **she says as she walks away shaking head**