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  chanman  |  0

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  Koalafrau_fml  |  0

Rabbit doesn't taste like chicken, it is delicious but there are many little bones in it.
The first time I have tasted rabbit was at the junior high's canteen; there was nothing I liked at the menu so I forced myself to take a bit of it though I was disgusted 'cause I had had 2 pet rabbits a few years earlier. I could not eat up the plate out of mental disgust, but I was sorry to admit I liked the meat very much!

  Passerbye  |  0

So, #161, aka The_Pleb are you going to cite your references on this or just flounce around on false information?

I ask this because of this well known fact: women, no matter their age, always pay less in car insurance than men. Ask any insurance provider (which is what I do), they'll tell you. If women were more dangerous then they'd pay more insurance.

  lives_ppl  |  0

Ugh I don't care how small the children are. They should know that actions have consequences and they should never put a rabbit in an oven even if they tell their mother. Replacing the rabbit would allow them to continue acting the way they do.

  danielle1336  |  0

I totally agree.. If the children were to young/naive to know that a pet doesn't belong in an oven then they shouldn't be left alone with the pet OR even have a pet..

  free2speak  |  14

I think this is a fake. I mean there is absolutely no way the person didn't hear noises coming out of the oven. I have owned quite a few rabbits to know that they dislike dark and considering a oven, they will make scratchy noises inside it. No way this is true.

By  The_Pleb  |  0

Hows this a FML? i dont get it

i have rabbit every christmas and sometimes for my sunday dinner

But a full rabbit head and all, count yourself lucky