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Today, I learned to check inside the oven before you preheat it. Sometimes children hide their pet rabbit in there. FML
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it's a pity that such cute animals have such a delicious flesh...

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PETA would be just as likely to kill the animals, do some research on PETA.... see how many of their "pets" actually ever get adopted.

Yes, because I could TOTALLY read your sarcasm. I thought you were serious as well.

_volcom_ 3

You werent being sarcastic... clearly you lied to defend yourself when people disagreed with you. Like many people have already mentioned, if the rabbit was in the oven and the heat came on gradually, the rabbit wouldnt have realized what was happening, due to the body adjusting to the heat. After a while the heat would become too much and the rabbit would either suffocate or die from heat stroke or some sort of heat related trauma. Not burns. So there would be no scratching or squealing... PETA wouldn't have done anything either, its not like op or her kids intentionally killed the rabbit, what do you think she did, hear the rabbit and say, "oh dang..." and walk away? Clearly she didnt know until it was too late...

Rabbits actually taste pretty good. My family makes a very nice Rabbit stew.

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You would hate that cat microwave video

how would you like to be in a ******* oven while its being preheated? your mom would probably put you in there anyway. you see the point? you should not ******* harm little harmless animals. they can't protect themselves. stupid idiot children should not have pets.

And stupid idiot people like you shouldn't be allowed on this site.

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lol~ OP, youre just lucky that it wasnt one of the kids playing "hide and seek"

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What if it was still alive when the OP started pre-heating it? By checking before turning the oven on, it might not have died.

Koalafrau_fml 0

Rabbit doesn't taste like chicken, it is delicious but there are many little bones in it. The first time I have tasted rabbit was at the junior high's canteen; there was nothing I liked at the menu so I forced myself to take a bit of it though I was disgusted 'cause I had had 2 pet rabbits a few years earlier. I could not eat up the plate out of mental disgust, but I was sorry to admit I liked the meat very much!

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Actual Fact #1: Women get into/cause more minor accidents (see also: fender bender) Actual Fact #2: Men cause more fatal accidents.

So, #161, aka The_Pleb are you going to cite your references on this or just flounce around on false information? I ask this because of this well known fact: women, no matter their age, always pay less in car insurance than men. Ask any insurance provider (which is what I do), they'll tell you. If women were more dangerous then they'd pay more insurance.

probably delicous! after my rabbit died, me and my family at it.

What does this have to do with the FML?

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Killuhk 8

No stupid!! Sucks for that poor rabbit that suffered a miserable and tortured death!!! :( that's absolutely horrible and cruel

iSmellNice 2

At least the child wasn't in there

that's what i thought when i quickly read it for the first time, all i saw was: "check - oven - preheat - Sometimes children hide"

boatkicker 4

Its not like its going to make noise the second she turns it on. It takes a while for an oven to heat up and so she might not have realized anything until it started making noise, at which point its already in pain. She didn't say it was dead. Just that it had been in the oven and she hadn't noticed right away. She may have killed it, or it may just have been injured.

lives_ppl 0

Rabbits don't often make a lot of sound. That plus people usually do other things like prepare the food or go away when they preheat an oven.

boatkicker 4

I didn't happen to look at her username. i stand correct. Bunny is dead.

Actually, that's not true. In my college psych class, we talked about how animals (including humans) often don't realize that a gradual change--like the temperature in an oven--is dangerous until it is too late. It's not like being dropped in boiling water or touching a stove. If the temperature is slowly going up or down, our body simply tries to adjust until the end.

WOW! I really really really hope you never get a pet again. Seriously. Don't ever get a pet again. And while you are at it, beat your dumbass child for putting an animal in anything other than it's own cage!

Rabbits make a TON of noise. Have you ever heard one being eaten by a snake? There is no way you can't hear a rabbit when it's it panic or pain. So Noisy.

Bunnies are usually pets, not food? Depends on where you come from. My family eats rabbit all the time. When I was growing up, there was one caught in a snare we took it home, and the next day ate it. Rabbits are food.

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Glenn Beck boiled a live frog. He also raped and murdered a girl in 1990.

boatkicker 4

Arietie Actually yes, bunnies are usually pets not food. Plenty of people eat rabbit, but how often do you hear it called a bunny when you're eating it? Hardly ever because bunny makes you think of cute furry little animals, and a lot of people don't like to think of how cute and furry their food once was. If someone calls it a bunny it implies that it wasn't intended for eating.

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what did the rabbit do wrong, because karma clearly bit him in the ass. its a bad day to be a bunny in an oven lmao

redbeater 5

You wasted your money on that psych class. What you just explained is a lack of common sense. We all know that a lot of people now-adays have little common sense.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Oh jeez! If it was that bad I doubt that it would be on FML. Kinda puts a rabbit in perspective, though, doesn't it?

same! in the split second before i reached ''rabbit'' i was like :0

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at least it wasnt a baby in a microwave

anniemeece 23

Whats the difference between a dead baby and a trampoline? You take your boots off to jump on a trampoline.

redbeater 5

I dont get it please explain?

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But the child will have to find out eventually

oh my gosh :( totally yls :( were you able to replace it without them knowing?

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Ugh I don't care how small the children are. They should know that actions have consequences and they should never put a rabbit in an oven even if they tell their mother. Replacing the rabbit would allow them to continue acting the way they do.

danielle1336 0

I totally agree.. If the children were to young/naive to know that a pet doesn't belong in an oven then they shouldn't be left alone with the pet OR even have a pet..

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naw, after the spike goes through his head the cow dosn't feel anything, its an instant death for the most part.. This rabbit burned to death... advantage goes to the rabbit.

No one ever said they don't think about the pain cows/chickens/etc. endure, but 1. The cow is dead before all the mutilation begins. 2. We should, but we don't think of these things because they sell the cow in delicious-looking burgers and things that don't even closely resemble something that once mooed. 3. Bunnies are USUALLY pets, not food. 4. The bunny died in a very gruesome and unusual way, and probably felt his skin burn off before he passed out or died.

free2speak 14

I think this is a fake. I mean there is absolutely no way the person didn't hear noises coming out of the oven. I have owned quite a few rabbits to know that they dislike dark and considering a oven, they will make scratchy noises inside it. No way this is true.

You "imagine?" Do you have kids? Do you have any ******* clue the sort of stuff they get up to? I mean, for one thing, why would you bother checking an oven, assuming you don't keep stuff in it, before you preheat it, especially if you already know that its set how you want it. Your right, it takes about 10 seconds and is a good habit, but if you've never needed to check it you should don't. And really, how do you guys know the circumstances of the audibility of the pet rabbit in the oven? I don't stand around the oven while its preheating, I go do something else. Something else loud, a different room, a different level. And also, for awhile the rabbit's body would try to compensate for the rising temperature until it just overheats, and thus it might not make noise for awhile. So - all the people that just click YDI should try thinking before just clicking it, rather than inferring conditions they don't know and just pressing the button.

mymouse 0

There's always the chance that the radio was on or something. Don't automatically assume it's fake.

wingedtoad 0

Rabbits dislike the dark??? They live underground in the wild, you know... And they're nocturnal...

redbeater 5

Educated pwnage!! **** anti-flood **** anti-flood **** anti-flood

It's a possibility they walked into the kitchen for half a second to set it to preheat, then went to a different room and never heard a thing. That's what I do.

Um, no. Rabbits do not live underground. And they are not nocturnal; they are crepuscular.

rigghtt.... so u slowly killed the rabbit...

Hows this a FML? i dont get it i have rabbit every christmas and sometimes for my sunday dinner But a full rabbit head and all, count yourself lucky