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Your goose is cooked.....or in this case, your cake. I guess he can't have his cake OR eat it. Ah, fuck it. I give up.

GOOD WOMAN!!! you know your place THaT is in the kitchen!!!! and smart hiding it in the oven because you will be the only one to see it

...do some cakes not take 30 minutes to cook? and who hides a cake? D: or is this a pre-bought cake? if so then YDI.


I think you read it wrong. OP made the cake, hid it in the oven, forgot about it, then preheated the oven for the meatloaf without first checking inside. 30 minutes later, when the meatloaf was due to go in, OP opened the oven to find the now ruined cake. Hopefully the meatloaf turned out well despite the burnt cake…


that was meant for the 14 year old girl that seemed very confused on the whole meatloaf joke...I guess she got offended and removed her comment....haha

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