By love you too mommy - 27/01/2014 19:26 - United States - Brentwood

Today, my mom walked into my room to talk to me. I was surprised because we don't talk much. I was left with a smile on my face after she left, until I realized she'd stolen all the candy on my desk while I wasn't looking. FML
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I like how your comment has so much relevance to mine.

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#21, I agree and its sad to see such a classic example of attempted thread jacking, first comment was actually good this time and this fool tries to ride on his coat tails, just post your comment individually next time especially since its so bloody generic no one would give a crap anyway.

#31, some people don't even know that they are thread jacking sometimes. It's annoying but we usually don't talk about it a lot so some people don't know what it is. When I first installed this app I didn't know what thread jacking was for a while.

Even if you don't know the named used for it here you definetly know you're doing it.

Enough with the mom dissing. Candy is bad for your dental health. She was saving her child's pretty white teeth.. Oh the sacrifice! *weep* *weep*

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#23 is right OP, she was watching out for your dental health... Or maybe she read a article about stolen candy calories not counting? F her thighs.

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Maybe she wanted to see if stealing candy from a teenager is as easy as stealing candy from a baby? Evidently, sounds like it was.

Silly child, sweets are for parents.

That's just as bad as Trix being exclusively for kids. Last time I tried that cereal, I was mobbed and left for dead by a pack of rogue children.

Your response made my day good sir.

#8 Its people like you that make this planet worth living on.

What the hell is she say to you that distracted you from noticing that

Eh, even if she just wanted to steal your candy, as long as you guys talked and it left you with a smile on your face, I think you'll be fine :).

Depends. If she stole chocolate, it's not.

Isn't that lingering smile on your face worth some candy?

I'm pretty sure the smile disappeared as soon as OP realized his stash of kit-kats had.

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The candy monster strikes again? I thought they only came around Easter, Halloween and Christmas

she was saving you from a trip to the dentist.