By Pimp-Daddy - Canada
Today, I set up a camera in my kitchen to see who was stealing my cookies. Turns out my mom had her boyfriend over. Good news, the cookies are safe. Bad news, I now have something recorded that I never wanted to see in my life. FML
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  spoo  |  24

Wish I could hit YDI it a few more times...

Pimp_Daddy, you set up a camera... then didnt like what it recorded so you cry about it?

Sorry Playa Playa, but you is need to grows up o' else you gotta not be touchin yo momma's camera foo'

  capgray  |  0

your a fkin fatass if u care that much about your cookies. unless they r girls scout thin mints of course;) then it toally makes sense hahajk ur still fat