By why - 05/04/2011 15:25 - United States

Today, I learned that my parents' nickname for my fiancé is "dickwad." FML
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Wow, they must really like him!

tic_tac_toe 0

is he a dickwad?


tic_tac_toe 0

is he a dickwad?

His/her parents definitely think so x)

His** I don't even know why I put her, unless he's a lady boy :p

Who cares, he's a dickwad.

soccer7777 0

haha obviously her parents do.

cloudy01 0

funny stuff

bfsd42 20

exactly what I was gonna ask.

oblio 0

he's definitely a dickwad. get a prenuptial, op, you're gonna need it.

he actually could be usually there has to be a reason why parents don't like there kids fiancé

Is his name Richard Wadkins?;)

rebekahah 7

^ win. ^_^

Hey who cares he is still taping their daughter.

AceArctic 4

What is he taping?!?! ;)

I believe he meant "tapping". derrrrrr

fml_psl 0


cool parents.

AceArctic 4

147 - Come on, you knew it was a joke.

heydere 0

I was gunna ask that too!!

lol dickwad... :P whats wrog with him?

ivanoff 0

better than ass plunger!

better than **** juggling thundercunt..

My mom used to call my ex "cockshit."

jrsgreenfire257 0

Well 68, does he have a shity ****?

It was awkward and ugly but it didn't have shit on it.

wow that's a big **** right there lol

JetLifeNextLife 0

88- you're ******* 14 wtf

Actually he sent me nudes, I didn't ask for anything.

#96: yeaah no that was me sorry... wanna candy?

Aerious - Okay, let me get this straight... Your ex sent you nudes when you didn't ask him to...and you showed the pictures to your mom so she can give you her opinion about his penis? Either you're ****** up or you're lying.

101 - Probably fat and deformed?

There was a guy in my high school, he was 18 and ****** a12 year old. So I made the nickname "Diaper Sniper" for him and it caught on.

That's what ya get for getting engaged to a dickwad...

lmfaoo I juss diedd xD

Wow, they must really like him!

SirEBC 7

No, Doortje, I think that means that they DON'T like him. Pft, foreigners.

noobgang7 5


Ahhh, EBC you do realize he was being blatantly sarcastic right?

noobgang7 5

Sarcasm isn't hard to spot

SirEBC 7


PSQ91 6

13 fails

Hey, I'm not a he, I'm a girl! :O

SirEBC 7

LOLOL Doortje is a boy, Doortje is a boy!! Now time to figure out Kay's gender...

I'm pretty sure Kay is a dude.... I think.

So yeah, I borrowed Kay's detachable penis once, ONCE goddammit. That does not make me a boy! :(

Kay is a tranny. lol

No, Kay, is an unknown, undiscovered species. A very, very ****** up species indeed.

Kay is actually Greg from the Wiggles

awardZu 0

I thought Kay was the pink telatubby...

Kay is all of us, we just don't know it yet.

Kay is Perez Hilton. End.

kay is zaphod beeblebrox. i confirmed it myself. |the kid|

Nah, Kay is The Stig...

natas_fml 13

No no no. Xenomorph.

LunaNstars 0

sucks to your fiance!

Dear OP do your parents know something about dickwad they aren't telling you? How do they know anything about his dick? Maybe he did them before he took you for a ride? Inquiring minds want to know. #Funnythat.

That's better than "Tiny Dick."

Might want to find out why they call him that if you want them to get along with him, or if they know something you don't. However, it isn't essential that your parents like your partner, it just helps in the long run.

Nagger_Batch 0

Shut the **** up.

Nagger_Batch, your comments are noway as sensible as hers. You, sir, should be the one to SHUT THE FUCK UP and GET AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD.

Rawket_Lawnchair 0

Hey, yuggi, why you mad bro? lol.

Because they are always picking on Cinn. :/

Rawket_Lawnchair 0

Get over it, it's the Internet. His comment was funny as hell.

Nagger_Batch 0


cptmorgan15 2

I agree, Cinn is a buzzkill.

Someone always has to lay down the foundation, sadly this time it was cinn.

His comment wasn't funny at all.... Just a typical, unoriginal troll. At least Cinn can say that she is original.

Rawket_Lawnchair 0

With no sense of humour, such as yourself.

Ah, the trolls, how I have missed them. Wait, Yuggi, they still pick on me? Those mods must act quickly then, 'cause I haven't seen anything in ages. Nagger_Batch, Rawket & Cptmorgan - You're not cool, or funny. Yes, I am willing to judge both of those, but based on this experience I don't believe you have hopes of being so, but feel free to try again, I've been known to be wrong before.

lmaoatall 6

I don't see a problem with cinn's comment, she was just being insightful. yes, getting along with the parents is helpful... god I said it , let the war begin

Bagger_Natch 0

Shut the **** up ******.

ASHLEYbcddd 0

lol 69. That was random

Get ready to get moderated, 69!

And hopefully banned.

she's white bro. epic fail,and I don't really see the ignorance in that most.

69- wtf?!?! where did that come from you frickn psycho??? that is such an ugly word fucktard

how? look up the definition :/

how? look up the definition :/

Hey, Bagger_Natch, are you the same as Nagger_Batch? Either way, you fail, and if you are, it's in multiple ways.

Naggerass 1

I'm inclined to agree with 69. Shut the **** up.

lmaoatall 6

geeez bagger, what the **** is your prob? your on a roll to be the most hated on this site. talk about some anger issues. damn

Rawket_Lawnchair 0

Lol, 69

#104, why do I sense a familiarity to your name?

lmaoatall 6

cinn- your dealing with the bagger- naggerass family. they're sitting around togethor writeing this crap and getting their kicks, probably smokeing and laughing it up. don't feed into their shit anymore their morons

Rawket_Lawnchair 0

He might be the same person :O

Lmaotall - Oh, but feeding trolls to either destroy them myself or allow someone else the honour is fun! Besides, I know that they need all the chances they can get because most aren't very good at what they do. Rawket_Lawnchair - Just because the mods got the earlier conv doesn't mean I forgot you. Also, you're not #104. :P (Which is the topic you were referring too). Edit: Darn, you edited your post! Ignore the relevent bits of my comment.

Rawket_Lawnchair 0

I read the number incorrectly lol. Then, epiphany struck :D

lmaoatall 6

ok cinn, I understand. you feed on this, and that's cool, promise me this then, stomp a ten foot mud hole in their asses..

hey dude, leave the hot brittish girl alone.

Bagger_Natch 0

129 158 samefag

It could always be worse, they could have disowned you. Or maybe they're trying to get you to disown them, because they don't wanna be the bad guys. Or maybe they just don't like either of you. I don't know *shrug*

lmaoatall 6

well atleast they sophisticated it up alittle, could have been ********, dickweed, dickdrip, something like that. be proud he's a dickward