By oreoblizzard619 - 25/09/2012 12:13 - United States

Today, after meeting my girlfriend's family and trying my hardest to impress them, she told me that they came up with a nickname for me. My new name is "Matt the Doormat." FML
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perdix 29

I'd call you Neither Noor, and you could call me Either Ore.

My first name is Forrest, I'm sure you can all guess what my last name usually gets to be haha


xCrazyMexican 4


Cliff the hanger Mine is lame :(

Don't let that get to you! Strike back with a sense of humor :)

Leggo my Gallegos (last name)

xCrazyMexican 4

It's ok my nickname is goober :/

Is your first name Goofy?

feldco1 17

Don't worry about it much. It probably meant tons to your gf that you made the effort to meet them.

No it means his GF wears the pants in the relationship

It's so hard to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend's family perfectly. Just laugh it off and go along with it. I'm sure there are much worse nicknames.... My ex boyfriend's uncle used to call me Chrissy The Sissy.....

perdix 29

Grow a pair! No one likes a yes-man, . . . except me, of course, Danny*. *I know it's not the exact Caddyshack quote.

You misunderstand them. They aren't calling you that because you're a pathetic loser that they can walk all over. It's because you like to stand at the door and greet people and make sure that their shoes are clean. Trust me, it's not the "pathetic loser" thing. I promise.

SenselessPattern 12

Well, as long as you pinky promise, I trust you.

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