By Anonymous - United States - Newport
Today, I happily announced that I'm getting married. My dad immediately shot back, "And I'm getting E.D., who gives a damn?" Just when I thought he was joking, he muttered that "the bitch" will take everything in our divorce. Moment ruined. FML
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  Kyle1dc  |  17


To put it bluntly, your pecker doesn't work like its supposed to hence why the dad wanted to have something dick related to compensate.

By  ImTheAlpha  |  30

While being married is a very normal, commonplace thing, it's still very exciting when someone close to you is getting married. He seems to have some issues. If he came to the wedding without you knowing for sure how he's gonna react, he will probably ruin it. No one wants their wedding (since many hope they only have one) to be ruined by family.

  hope27  |  15

41 umm yeah he can call him a dick because op's dad was acting like a dick. He ruined a special announcement for his son and basically said their marriage isn't going to make it.