By Anonymous - 10/05/2013 23:16 - Switzerland - Saint Gallen

Today, I happily told my parents that my boyfriend proposed to me last night. My dad's response? "Marry that goofy bastard and you're out of the will." FML
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ulquiorra102 10

Always good to have such a supportive father.

I feel bad for your boyfriend.


ulquiorra102 10

Always good to have such a supportive father.


I feel bad for your boyfriend.

The boyfriend would probably say "Gawwwwrsh darlin', my family still loves you, gahuck. You're always welcome in the Goof Troop."

PleaseStayChill 9

#32-It's creative comments like your that keep me coming back to FML. Keep up the good work.

PleaseStayChill 9

I did forget an "S" in my last comment. But, unlike you, I remembered to type out the rest of my comment. And does that make my comment any less creative?

On the flip side of that, 58, your comment was degrade-worthy.

60 there is a "thumbs up" button specially made to show your appreciation.

Is it just me or does that sound really sweet. :)

kaimariebee 15

That's harsh. If you love your significant other though that shouldn't matter and hopefully in time your father will learn to deal with it.

mmizbbz210 13

i am going through the exact same thing. except my parents disowned my kids and i as well. if you love him then stick with him.

My father in law punched me in the face when I asked him for permission to marry his daughter. I still like to think he did it out of shock though my broken nose keeps telling me otherwise.

I wish my ex-father-in-law had punched me in the face when I gave him the courtesy of asking for his blessing. Would have saved me four years of my life and enough money to buy a lightly used Ferrari.

I don't think your dad would react that way without good reason. But you could try to get your "goofy bastard" of a fiancé to prove his maturity and you will remain in the will.

edvin_fml 10

I totally disagree. The boyfriend shouldn't need to *prove* anything to the father. Last time I checked, being a 'goofy bastard' was simply a subjective personality trait, not some kind of defect that needs fixing; if the father doesn't like the guy's personality - well he can go to hell, because he's not the one marrying him... It seems to me that the dad is acting like a 'colosal jackass' which is far worse than 'goofy bastard'

very wise.

jojimugo 20

If all OP's husband to be vices are being a goofy bastard, i say it's a win have you seen the dating scene today , it's filled with cheaters, drug addicts abusers and all sorts of characters. I say keep the dude forget the will

People aren't as good or smart(Or whatever) as you think. It is highly possible that he did it without any good reason - "just because"

Ouch... Time to sit down and have a long talk with dad. Try to figure out why he doesn't like your boyfriend. Or maybe he was just kidding and has a dry sense of humor. Congrats on proposal btw :3

pastispast 7

is your dad leaving you a chunk of money

Redglare 8

Obviously not if she marries him. As mentioned in the FML.

"Well Mom married a goofy bastard, so I guess she and I will be even." He was probably just bequeathing you his old rusty golf clubs anyway. No big loss.

If he's serious, let's hope she wasn't getting much. Love your stories by the way, Doc. The latest one was pure gold.

Stories that are pure gold?!? Doc, I need you to tell me these stories; I'll sell them and make a fortune. Heck, I might even buy a better cane for you.

I always wanted a set of rusty golf clubs :).

Love or money? Hmm

Well… this ought to be fun!

Is daddy rich or dying soon?