By RedFace - 05/04/2011 14:06 - United States

Today, I was at a band concert with 500 other people. The song they were performing stopped, and I loved it so much I stood up and clapped. Everyone stared, while I slowly realized the song wasn't over. FML
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muchagente 5

no, i've been there: op was the only one who knew the song was over. the band started playing again to avoid an awkward situation when they saw that no one clapped. except one.

HarmonyChord 0

Don't worry I'm sure those 500 other people didn't even notice, except that they did. Sucks for you!


Rashadd 6

Oh no he didunt. it rocks. she/he was obviously stoneeeed and rocked on!

They was probably too embarased that OP was sitting next to them hehe!!

OP submitted this without any legs and one arm, that's what you get for clapping.

it's a band concert, not a homecoming game. it sucks having bad judgment during a performance, everybody just glares at you and then the rest is ruined for that person. next time pay more attention. YDI

haha lmaooao you made my day :) you do you loool

Sorry man, I hate that kind of embarrassment

movement transitions are a bitch to follow. don't worry, these types of things happen all the time, except of course this time it happened to you =/

Pike313 14

What if someone lost an eye???

My comment said "Get over it."; why was that moderated, this post isn't even an fml, more of just an always moment.

Please, please, please read our FAQ for an idea of what the site is all about!

I always yearn to see moderated posts

same for me... it's always after the Supreme Mod Gods have unleashed their devastating power and rath on the futile and common mortal beings that the content of the message becomes the most... attracting. Even if it's just a retard raging and posting the most useless comment, you HAVE to see it! until you drag your finger on the screen/ scroll down and switch to the next moderated comment...

rebekahah 7

That really sucks. I disagree with the people who said OP deserved it. OP thought the song was over. that's what you do when it's over. OP was just trying to be courteous. 34- I know this doesn't have much to do with the FML, but how can I contact FML's site? they sent me a warning for something I'm pretty sure I didn't do, maybe it was a glitch or something. don't feel like you HAVE to answer. but if you do, thanks. :)

It was for having chats in the comments section. You can use the website's PM system for that; it's much better suited.

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T3P33, if the retard section of your comment was addressed to me then you are sadly mistaken on both counts; I'm an honor student, and just stated an opinion. I was in no way raging over the post by stating what I did, and I will make it a point not to state those types of opinions anymore.

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Don't worry I'm sure those 500 other people didn't even notice, except that they did. Sucks for you!

bandgeek55 0

^ha! Made me smile. :D I hate it when people do that!

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I would think a fully conscious person would know when to sit down and shut the hell up. But you could always sit on your hands when you feel the urge to interrupt someone's performance.

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