By captainkevineff - 11/03/2010 14:44 - United States

Today, I learned that even though they say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, it doesn't keep him from putting a Q-tip up your ass. FML
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birds_fml 7

It will if you put the apple up your ass. Then there'll be no room for a qtip.

blaaaaakely 0

just pretend it's Angelina Jolie.


paging doctor ******

purplemnm 9

hangover reference win

best movie ever

Blue_Coconuts 7

Better in your ass then up your dick. I took a buddy to get that shit done.. Holy ****!

maby he's just playing

Apples do keep the doctor away. You have to eat them to get the benefit though. They don't work in reverse.

FYLDeep 25

what what in the butt

only do they work if u have a good aim

lmao my friends are mature...........paging doctor ******:L:L

Your right about that 23, damn STD tests, makes one consider abstinence.

why did you use the apple a day saying?? are you eatting apples or shoving apples in your butt...

don't you know all doctors are perverts?

iSitt 0

better than doc sticking a finger

tehamericanboy94 0

@ 66 it's like the southpark, put an apple up your ass and shit it out your mouth.

cater2U 0

well atleast... uh... nope I've got nothing to say except it's just a cotton swab (not q-tip that's a brand) but yea that sucks and maybe you need to eat more apples

u_killed_kenny_ 0

ass raped with a q-tip!

lose some weight #4

LemonMan 0

#115 That was ******* mean.

not as mean as she was to that cow she ate

shutupgangstar 0


the apple has to eat you to work??

hahaha that song is random

are you sure it was a qtip up your ass and not the doctors dick??? lmfao. it might be as small as a qtip.

noobgang7 5

nasty man. Why though

ad_astra_taurus 2

prolly all the sugar from the apples clogged her system.

sounds like a party!

Pfft I bet you enjoyed it

That is possible. There are a lot of people who enjoy it. My neighbor often keeps his phone there, and my cousin is constantly wearing a strap on. (but backwards, and on the wrong side) And, as I've said before, Rosie O'Donald keeps the souls of small children up there. (so did Micheal Jackson, but he had the bodies there too)

dammit 75, let mj RIP. he was never convicted of anything anyway

Mj never ****** a kid. He tried to buy a childhood because he never had one. :)

Calm down. He's dead. Nothing I say can hurt him now.

Wait, wait, monkey... You're my cousin?

Michael Jackson; they lied when they said that the good die young.

birds_fml 7

It will if you put the apple up your ass. Then there'll be no room for a qtip.

Ecnassianer 0

^ This. xD

L-O-FUCKING-L straight up win. score. bonus. credits. awesome.

blaaaaakely 0

just pretend it's Angelina Jolie.

purplemnm 9

...where did I hear that? that sounds so familiar

It's from another fml

Damn, you stole my comment blaaaaakely LOL

foodman 0

ya other fml

purplemnm 9

oh ok then fml reference win! a major one too, cookie :D

Marques23 5

hey what's good?

youthink_fml 0

That was no q-tip.

Lawlzorzzz. 9 wins the thread

kinukle 0

no q tip, just his tiny penis lolololololol

he must be an Asian doctor

Was he the orifice guy?

How did the apple cause that? Also, I can honestly say that I have never had a doctor put a Q-tip up my ass. What exactly was the reason for it?

For either a blood/ feces sample or to check for prostate cancer

I have had one,but i was pregnant so not the worst pain...suck it up OP

Ok, I guess that makes sense. I don't remember them doing that to me when I was having issues...but the doctor put a finger up there. I was like, "WHOA!" Also, I couldn't imagine it to be THAT painful as a Q-tip is TINY!

exactly it's a q-tip,tiny little thing not even close to ******* your if you actually had something wrong with your prostate that would be a FML.

How colorful. As long as the doctor's side hobby isn't puppeteering, you're ok.

Argh!!!! LOL - you made me blow hot coffee out my nose!