By Idiot says "HIPAA violation" - United States - Roanoke
Today, another idiot was admitted to my hospital with a foreign object up his ass. Yet again, the excuse went along the lines of "I tripped and fell on it." Please, someone tell me how you can accidentally trip anus-first onto the end of a cucumber, which just so happens to have a condom on it. FML
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  jerzjay  |  17

Simple explanation, the cucumber was cold so they put a condom on it cause it fits like a glove, and then they stepped on a banana peel slipped feet first, dropped the cucumber while in the air, and fell on it ass first...makes complete sense!

  pygmyfrog  |  31

The people with objects up their orifices must really think hospital staff are morons if they expect to be believed ... which makes you wonder why they'd want help from morons ...

  CaitiieBuggs  |  23

An old professor of mine once brought in x-rays of random things stuck up men's asses. The best one was of a remote control and tagging along right behind it was salad tongs. The man swore up and down he tripped and fell on both items.


I voted it down because the comment was redundant and offered nothing of any worth to the subject.

If you have nothing to say, then keep it at that; don't say anything.

Also, too much work for such a weak pun.