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  narsty  |  0

Because you see holes in the apple, How else do you think they get in? and there can be other characteristics like the OP bought a bounch of rotten apples

  humorizer  |  14

Today, I realized that banana peels really are slippery.

I mean, I didn't see any bananas today, but I did research, and according to the friction coefficient, and conservation of momentum, I learned that they really are slippery, and would cause you to fall if you did actually walk on one.


  narsty  |  0

Eating organic can be worse for you, they often spray with "naturaly occuring" chemicals, the oil in poison ivy is "naturaly occuring" doesn't mean you should eat it. And often times because these "natural" chemicals are less effective farmers have to dump more on the crop to do the same thing as a small amount of lab engineered pesticides.

  av232  |  0

depends what kind of organic food you're eating. a lot of organic food isn't organic, they're just ripping people off and trying to sell their products to the health obsessed. but real organic food is good for you.

  flinkpamingo  |  0

We farm thousands of acres and have NEVER used anything that would harm anyone. Most of the chemicals used on plants become inert when they hit the soil or touch water. Think about what you say before you scare people about their food source. And do some real life research. Like maybe go to an actual farm and watch what they do and how they do it.


Maybe it was a teeny source of protien that got through the stem/part no one eats on the bottom?

And, yeees, #73, rabbits say "What's up Doc?', all martians wear skirts while every single coyote shoots Acme Anvils.

And irishdancer fails. At life.

Despite the new take on sushi and awesome amount of protien, that's just not okay . . . Can't imagine if that happened to me . . .

  narsty  |  0

Dude, I live on a 54.5 acre apple farm and my family as far back as I know has run fruit farms, the other side has raises fruit trees on nurseries for forty years-decended from centuries of farmers
have studied senior high sc chemistry& Bio and have parents who are both farmers, in the agricultural insurance industry & and they have degrees in chem eng tech, and agriculture respectively

During the fall season i eat a half bushel of apples a day fresh off the tree almost never washing them (when bored) and still live

i personnaly have seen millions of apples in twelve different varieties, more than most people can fu**ing imagin

and if anyone cares, we use glyphosate, .... etc

  narsty  |  0

and i said "can" be dangerous,
depending on the local guidelines where you live organic can mean anything
in ontario their sort of lax
and i don't doubt you're responsible with what and when you spray the trees
organic can be done health-freindly if done right