By anna14 - 21/02/2010 19:34 - United States

Today, I learned a little lesson about consequences. Yesterday, I ate a quarter as a dare. Today, I tried to poop it out. It got stuck coming out. I had to go to the doctor and explain everything. FML
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well at least you learned to use a smaller coin next time you decide to be an idiot

Ajjas013 6

That's RICH HAHAHAHA. I know, I fail :(


Ajjas013 6

That's RICH HAHAHAHA. I know, I fail :(

Nice edit there! Only I will know your trolling ways. Pahaha :P

Ajjas013 6

I just wanted to be first :P I don't have anything witty to say yet, stick around and I might figure it out.

tweetbaby14 18

I ate a quarter too!!!! ha when I was five

make a bet of weather it will land on heads or tails when it finally falls out

idk if you are kidding or not, but a quarter as in the unit of money. It's a coin that is worth 25 cents.

GirlWithAnItouch 0

I hope they were kidding. that's realy...stupid.

whitley1031 0

I'm sure that person was kidding about the "quarter of pie?" thing. not many ppl provide an example when guessing an unknown object

Sonfang 19

wow ummm I'd say you have IDIOT tattooed on your forehead...that is not only a stupid thing to do but also potentially harmful to your health...not only to your digestive system but to the rest of your body...hrm you totally ******* deserve it! pssst: maybe you should think where it's been before you eat it....slot machines, shoes, pockets, in the dirt, bathroom floors...etc use your head next time. Kay thanx bye!

atleast now you can say to people you can poop money, and next thing you know yur a millionare

Completely agree with Sonfang. OP, that quarter could have been pulled out of an ass of another moron like you before you put it in your mouth.

Riyu55 0

Now when people say" what? you think money comes out my ass?" you can have a snappy remark...btw fail

supastarr 0

if I was u I would of ate a dollar bill instead

#60..I love you. LMAO and OP..u r just a fail and a dumbass.

1337_RoXxXor 4

@60: ooh, that reminds me of a game my classmates used to play...they would put their Hands on the table and try to fling a coin with highest possible speed at one anothers hand, just to hurt them...quite a stupid thing for itself, but imagined they used THAT coin...well i'm not quite sure if disgusting is still a sufficient word for that

dude247 0

a quarter for a dare? not even a bet your dumb FYL

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not to mention nickle poisoning...

#159, a quarter isn't made from nickel. OP: They should probably do a CT and a colonoscopy to make sure the quarter didn't make any tears in your intestines! You're such an idiot. Then again, it's nothing new to a doctor. When I worked in Radiology, we saw stupid people like you all the time.

I'm sure he believed you, whatever you told him. ;)

Today I was almost done with my shift at a local hospital,when this idiot arrived claiming not to know how a 25 cent piece became lodged in his anus! Knowing it was a stupid prank, I told the intern to use the largest speculum we had to removed it. It was everything I could do not to howl with laughter while he screamed in pain!!

garuru 4

today a patient came over to my office and explained to me how he ate a quarter and it is stuck i am a dentist. FML

well at least you learned to use a smaller coin next time you decide to be an idiot

Larger coins make for a much more enthralling experiance, though.

Or maybe they should just... NOT eat coins at all?

did your parents give you a penny for your thoughts lol way to go genius

They say money is the among the dirtiest things in the world..

cypherzzz 0

you deserve a Darwin award!!:) LOL

Isn't destroying legal US tender a federal offense? Say hello to Guantanamo, serves you right, trying to cause inflation as if we don't have enough of a financial situation...

ndiesal 0

Destroying legal tender would cause the opposite of inflation - ddflation

if you were rich, it would of came out as a dollar.

thatsoviciouS 0

That is plain stupid to do... unless it was for like 50 bucks

That's still stupid cuz the doctor probably charged him more than 50 bucks to remove the quarter.