By anna14 / Sunday 21 February 2010 19:34 / United States
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  Sonfang  |  19

wow ummm I'd say you have IDIOT tattooed on your forehead...that is not only a stupid thing to do but also potentially harmful to your health...not only to your digestive system but to the rest of your body...hrm you totally fucking deserve it!

pssst: maybe you should think where it's been before you eat it....slot machines, shoes, pockets, in the dirt, bathroom floors...etc use your head next time. Kay thanx bye!

  1337_RoXxXor  |  4

@60: ooh, that reminds me of a game my classmates used to play...they would put their Hands on the table and try to fling a coin with highest possible speed at one anothers hand, just to hurt them...quite a stupid thing for itself, but imagined they used THAT coin...well i'm not quite sure if disgusting is still a sufficient word for that

  idkweird  |  0

#159, a quarter isn't made from nickel.

OP: They should probably do a CT and a colonoscopy to make sure the quarter didn't make any tears in your intestines! You're such an idiot. Then again, it's nothing new to a doctor. When I worked in Radiology, we saw stupid people like you all the time.

  Eddie_Paints  |  0

Today I was almost done with my shift at a local hospital,when this idiot arrived claiming not to know how a 25 cent piece became lodged in his anus! Knowing it was a stupid prank, I told the intern to use the largest speculum we had to removed it. It was everything I could do not to howl with laughter while he screamed in pain!!

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