Irony at a base level

By SterlingEnigma - 25/09/2009 08:43 - United States

Today, I decided to start making healthier decisions. Instead of the usual cheeseburger I have for lunch I ate an apple instead. I took one bite and broke one of my teeth. Apparently, apples keep the doctor away, but not dentists. FML
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Who breaks their teeth on an apple...?

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an apple is a fruit....


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Irony? I say so.

Irony, I agree. OP YDI for making eating healthily sound like chore

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Looks like this was a "split" decision

It's like rain on your wedding day! The only thing in that song that was ironic was the 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. The meeting the man of her dreams could have been if he had a mean, ugly wife. But, thanks, Alanis, for causing lots of people to really try to understand the concept of irony. I guess the real irony is the more we learned, the less we liked the song.

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I love you, be my wife Plexico :)

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*yawn* some ugly kid on the internet talking about how the song "Ironic" isn't actually very ironic. How original. No ones said THAT before...high schoolers with too much time on their hands trying to sound witty and hip are always entertaining.

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Oh, what a surprise, a nonchalant 20-something year old thinking that they are above everyone else and Oh-so sophisticated by stating how unfunny and unoriginal everyone is. I've never seen that before... Oh, and unless I am much mistaken, Plexico isn't even a highschooler.

kaleid0scopeEyes, I analyzed "Ironic" when it first came out, before some current high-schoolers were born and before any of them could read. I almost bust a gut when you think that quoting 90's music is a desperate attempt to be hip! I'll leave it to you to quote the Jo Bros, oh master of Cool! lauralatch, I am WAY past high school and I am male, but I love you back and since you look like a cute little hedgehog, I'll consider it one of your cute idiosyncracies that you call me your "wife."

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wonderful times monkeysocks :) I thought you were past highschool, clever me! I had also noticed that you were male, as you woul be an unusual looking girl...

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Plexico is ancient, he knows the true meaning of Hedgestone and who really built the pyramids. And don't get him started on his late night boozing and hooker binges with Jesus! Make no mistake, he is not a high schooler nor is he a 20-something, unless 20 is the multiplier! And Plex - Alanis screeches "Isn't it ironic?" It's a question, maybe the answer was a resounding "no". At least that's how I explain it so my 90's following of her music doesn't cause me to throw up a little in my mouth!

Hey everyone im replying to the top so everyone can see my comment. Thank you

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i wasn't calling plexico a 20something, I was calling kaliedoscopeeyes an up their own anus 20 something year old king of cool

skullbuster, you forgot to mention that I didn't LEARN Latin, I REMEMBER it.

boatkicker 4

So apparently I am slow today. I took me like 3 minutes to figure out what latin had to do with anything. I feel like a fool.

I laughed at that. . .hard. "I didn't learn Latin, I remember it!"

Plexico invented the wheel. =)

Actually the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" but actually the doctor is a dentist. I just wanted to feel smart by posting this. And OP that sucks.

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I think OP needs more irony in their diet.

Who breaks their teeth on an apple...?

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people who eat too much crap and ruin their teeth.

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Yeah, I find it very hard to believe that someone with HEALTHY teeth could actually do this. I fell flat on my face when I was younger and only chipped a tooth. Here's a hint, OP, brushing more than once a month is perfectly acceptable and is strongly encouraged.

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It's not just a matter of dental hygiene. Some people just have weak/sensitive/brittle teeth. They're born with them. The unhealthy lifestyle doesn't help though. Deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals can affect your teeth too.

i'm surprised you didn't get enough calcium from the cheeseburgers to prevent that.

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totally agreed. if eat cheeseburgers everyday (god only knows what you eat for dinner...) i'm going to say you don't generally make healthy life choices, so probably don't brush your teeth regularly, too. it's not that apple's fault... it's yours. YDI for being a disgusting slob.

I agree with 58. Some people, like me, are born with really weak/sensitive teeth. I have to cut up my apple before I can eat it or else I feel pains. :/ And it won't matter how many times I brush and floss my teeth, they are still the same! It's genetic.

SailorSolaris 43

I'm the same way. I brush twice a day, floss multiple times a day, and use mouthwash after every meal, but I still have to cut up my carrots and apples before I can eat them. I was just born with very, very bad teeth. I'm one of those people that has to visit the dentist every three months instead of six for a teeth cleaning.

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great, now fat people will use this as another excuse for staying away from vegetables

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an apple is a fruit....

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If you're not gonna take care of your teeth, stick with the cheeseburgers.

Aw, pity you

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Maybe stop taking medical advice from nursery rhymes and, you know, BRUSH YOUR DAMN TEETH!

an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is cute screw the fruit

Honestly... I don't think you're supposed to keep apples in the freezer.

If your teeth were so weak an apple broke it, you probably needed a dentist anyway.

Agreed with #12. Perhaps this visit to a dentist is a blessing in disguise. OP: go for bananas. They are flipping fantastic and are soft enough for even an old person with only gums to eat!

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You can eat an apple with your gums too, if you slice it. They mash easy, but you need teeth to cut into the sides. When I was little my babysitter was toothless and liked apples.

That's what happens when you have Meth Mouth. Do you live in Wasilla? Are you one of the Palin kids? Or Todd? Or Sarah?