By talhabilal - 11/03/2010 14:28 - Pakistan

Today, I found out that my entire family thinks I have no friends, am expressionless (to quote, "a robot") and that my monotonous voice hints at the suppressed depression hidden deep inside me. According to them, I need psychic evaluation. It all came out at a family reunion. FML
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Well, maybe you do need a PSYCHIATRIC evaluation. They must be pretty worried about you to bring this up, or complete assholes, but for an entire family to agree hints at something deeper. What's the harm in some evaluation? £100, perhaps, but for your mental health, a small price to pay.

I can see your future~


Well, maybe you do need a PSYCHIATRIC evaluation. They must be pretty worried about you to bring this up, or complete assholes, but for an entire family to agree hints at something deeper. What's the harm in some evaluation? £100, perhaps, but for your mental health, a small price to pay.

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I would love to see his expression if win the lottery

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*if he won

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For dry red eyes, clear eye's is awwesome.

Agreed with number 1. If that many people all think there is a problem and their opinions are pretty in-line with each other, there may be an issue you can't see. Although, I don't see what a psychic could do for you, I'm pretty sure a psychiatrist might be able to help, lol.

get a couple of strippers and do some coke, acid and/or ecstasy before the next reunion. that will change everyone's perception of you for good

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#21 win. OP please spare my life when you go on your killing spree.

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i have an idea.... get a ******* personality

Well the rest of that reunion must have been akward... And physcics are complete bullshitters. Go see Dr. Phil. He's slightly more legit.

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lol @ your family thinking they're Psychologists. Almost as bad as this one kid taking Psych 101 and suddenly thinking he's a fully qualified psychoanalyst. Just the other day he tried to relate my tendency to procrastinate my homework to latent homosexuality. ...then again, he thinks EVERYTHING is related to latent homosexuality.

(#43) And the a couple years from now people are gonna be reading an FML from you saying, "Today I realized that this kid in my Psych 101 class a couple years ago was right. My tendency to procrastinate my homework was related to latent homosexuality. FML."

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what dicks

@42 not all psychics are fake. Many yes, probably most, but not all.

Maybe u have asperger's syndrome

Yes, ktbird, all phsycics are fake. Nobody has the abilty to magically talk to ghosts and read your mind. I am sorry to burst your bubble.

Frickin A!

...Maybe he is a latent homosexual trying to repress his urges and hide his proclivities by projecting them on others? Seeing as he is forcing latent homsexuality where there is none, I'd wager he may have control issues too, and feels powerless in all aspects of life except for during the freedom his homosexual fantasies afford him. Yeah. Counter his psychobabble with that, and I doubt he'll try to psychoanalyze you any more.

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Well? Are you a pyscho? go see a doc before you shoot people up.

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maybe the OP is trying to be Kristen Stewart

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I spilled water all over myself laughing, thank you #92. ;D

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@88: The last time I did that, he said that my trying to psychoanalyze his tendency to relate everything to latent homosexuality was a sign of latent homosexuality. Though now that I'm writing this all down, it could just be that he's ******* with us.

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Congratulations on your first... It's a feat to accomplish such a thing AND type a lengthy, thought-out comment. Kudos to you, good sir.

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haha glad to make someone smile (;

bring a friend over to your house and hang out for a while, problem solved

ReyEr: Your lack of spelling acumen has actually made your statement mean the exact opposite of what you wished to say. It's a shame that you will not be able to appreciate the humor and irony in what you've accidentally done.

it sounds like you arn't denying it....

tell them you just need a new battery and a quick oil change.

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sonds like you are a /b/tard, OP.

Dude, he's from Pakistan. English might be a second language.

the truth is out there #79 *creepy xfiles music*

I bet it's normal. a lot of people especially guys are expressionless. it's not a bad thing

They should listen to Family Business by Kanye West... If you actually are "like a robot" then you should get some help, but it's not something to bring up at the family reunion

hahahahahaahhahaha this is so freken funny!!!

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Omg... are you Justin Bieber?

#23 not true, a psychic could make op think he/she is cured long enough to steal his/her money

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this is the first "first" comment I've ever seen with positive votes 0.0

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Hey man, I am the same way. I'm pretty monotone, I tend to keep my emotions inside.


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They're probably right but we'll never know without the psychic evaluation.

Indeed, and make sure you ask for the weeks lottery numbers!

I can see your future~

Similar to Dahmer? Cause my dog, Willy, used to eat other dogs. I don't know how he did, considering howvhe never left the house. Maybe he pooped them out..... But then again, that's what condoms are for, right?

you sound like a loser!!!

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Are you happy with your life? If yes, ignore them. If no, then yeah, you need help. Most people will answer, "Yeah, I guess, mostly." This is also an acceptable answer, and you don't need help if so.

maybe they want you to be depressed so that'll you'll join the family business and crash some planes into some towers

#8 Racist bastard. Snickerdoodles, you are awesome.

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This is incredibly racist. Take that attitude elsewhere, and check your facts. Better yet, just don't talk.

Arabs don't have family reunions. Most of them are in training camp...........for their upcoming football season.

Mr_26: Fuck you, you racist asshole. There's no room for knuckle-draggers like you here. And besides, if you want to hate so much, at least do some reading. The Pakistanis weren't the ones who did that. Or were you just being bigoted against Muslims? Well, congratulations on showing yourself to be ******* stupid douche bag hater all the way around. I hope you choke to death on some Basmati rice. In case you didn't read me correctly before: FUCK YOU.

You obviously didn't lose someone you loved on September 11th. Fuck you, asshole.

Theirs seriously no harm in having a psychiatric evaluation done, as it's beneficial for yourself as well as the population of the rest of the world. We don't need another ******* sandnigger bombing another major city of the UNITED STATES.

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Are you sure it was a family reunion and not an intervention? At any rate, listen to those around you, they might pick up on things that you brush off or ignore.

Maybe they think you're posessed by a ghost?

ok....2nd time today i've heard someone misuse the word "psychic"....the word you want is "psychological." Thanks for playing, good day.