By Selfiestick - 24/03/2015 00:18 - Italy - Rome

Today, my boyfriend told me we were going on a trip to Venice. Seeing my reaction, he immediately added : “But don’t get excited, you're not getting a ring." FML
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on a 4000+ dollar trip that he's paying for

Tell her "You can stay home then foh with that"

@15: They already live in Italy, so it's probably not a 4000 dollar trip ;)

This would be the appropriate time to play Beyoncé, cause if he like it...

How is it an FML to go on a trip to Venice? Sounds just fine to me, even if he's not ready to propose to you.

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What if he actually did get a ring and wants to put her off guard

I imagine he could be joking, but that's me. If not, at least he's straightforward.

So... Have you been talking about marriage or getting engaged? If not then why did you expect a ring? If so the. Fyl

It doesn't say anywhere in the FML that OP expects (or even wants) a ring. They were probably just excited for the trip.

I'm sure it's more the fact her boyfriend told her he didn't want to marry her.... Because yeah I'm sure everyone wants to hear that just before a romantic holiday

OPs boyfriend didn't say he didn't want to marry her, he just said to not expect a proposal. Maybe he's just not ready for marriage emotionally or financially.

Anyone wanna fix that correction up there with 'Venise'?

Venice, is in fact correct. Next time you try to correct someone, please make sure you know what you're talking about.

#17, right after the FML was published, it read "Venise" not Venice, and #12 was implying that it should be in fact Venice (my comment is not well written, but you get the idea)

It's from Italy where they call it Venezia. I'm sure the OP doesn't care what the English butchering of the name is.

Depending on where the person who translated it is from, they may spell it like Venise. Just because it isn't correct in American English doesn't mean it isn't correct.

I know which episode of Friends you're referring to, but the relation is a bit of a stretch

Considering that it's not rare for one half of a couple to get huffy after a romantic vacation because they expected a proposal, I say good on him for communicating that in a 100% defined way. Especially since it isn't a "I will never marry you"- it's telling her not to expect a marriage proposal ring on the trip.