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Today, my friend stole my phone to call the creepy boy that follows me around at school. I wouldn't have been so bothered if she hadn't had phone sex with him, all while pretending to be me. He got so into it, he now thinks we're a couple. FML
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Another bites the dust eh Kay?

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well your in a *puts on sunglasses* sticky situation yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

79 as much as I love a Horatio joke it has no place here, don't just reply on the first comment to get yours up to the top. I still liked I though...

cuz the other guy said sunglasses in quotessss

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shit I had a stalker once it was so freaken creepy. constant texting,calling my house at random times during the day, and leaving notes in my locker. my advise to you is be mean. see I was too nice, be straight forward tell him to get lost and that your friend is the one whose in love with him. killed two birds with one stone.

Sucks for her, yeah, but good for her friend. OP should just settle em up and thats it Lmao

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Her friend sounds like a ******* creep. Phone sex with a creepy stranger? ew

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kill her and bury her Under ur house

How are they going to bury them under a house? :O

lol, it was just a joke(: ... or was it? O:

lol, it was just a joke(: ... or was it? O:

lol, it was just a joke(: ... or was it? O:

Easy, use the crawlspace, or dig up the basement floor.

tell him it was your friend.. problem solved.

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Yea because an over obsessive douce is going to believe that.

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102 please tell me ur kidding bro, you mean you don't see anything wrong with what he's doing?

That is hardly what a great friend would do to you...

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tell him you were on AT&T and it dropped the part where you said it was a one call fling

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omg that's so funny, adding to favs! you made my day!