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Today, I promised my boyfriend a blow job every time he does the dishes. Every dish in the house has been washed three times already. FML
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I know right haha what guy wouldn't wash all the dishes for a bj!! op your mouth is going to be so sore by the end of the week hahaha

Even if it's only dirty dishes the bf only needs to use them - I'm sure he can think of an excuse - and then wash them... :P Might slow him down though.

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At the rate your bf is washing dishes, you wont have time to come up for air.

My boyfriend tried to pay me for a ********. When I said no he threw a tantrum like a 4 year old. cool.

you should use this to get him to do all the house work i.e. cut the grass = 2 bjs. You will never have to lift a finger again (just move your head up and down) and just think, you normally gave bjs for free. If this works well you can see what else you can get through bjs, it's win, win. lol

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why don't women enjoy sex? it sure seems like it

89 I hope he's your ex now. and OP just give him a ******** for free god dammit! especially if he eats you out you gotta return the favor!

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wow. your a dumbass. it's her ******* boyfriend not 3 random guys! jeez get over yourself and stop calling out random girls for being ****** just because they like to have fun.

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mz booty why don't you show your face in your pics?? haha

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well when it's her boyfriend you honestly can't say she's a *****....since the term for a *****/**** is to have multiple partners for sexual acts...-.- OP just a honest girlfriend whose plan backfired majorly..

140 -- simple. it's not her. |the kid|

She'll only have time to go down for ****.

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OP: he cleans the dishes and you clean his....nevermind.

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116, if it's no big deal, why don't you go suck some dick?

Don't just stop there OP make him do the laundry as well!!!

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squeaky clean dishes for you. squeaky clean penis for your Bf. I don't see the Fml here...

it's her bf .... she not giving her body to anyone and it's her mouth ..

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righttt! that's wat I was thinkin

how is she a *****? it's her boyfriend. everyone has sexual relations when dating. its not like shes selling her body to strangers.

I've always wondered, do chicks like giving bjs or do they just put up with it coz let's face it must taste nasty

if he gotten a dish washer, he's in hell of a treat

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how is she a ***** they're dating each other. she's not a prostitute!

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motivation 101.....throw a bj in the mix.....

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I would so redirty those dishes so I could clean them again

This is what you get when you trade your body for chores... I'm sure you could've found a better way to get your boyfriend to clean the dishes and for you to still put out in the bedroom.

get real there is no better way to get him to so dishes haha

Fine, there is a more mature way to get him to do it. Or you know, she should've thought through any potential loopholes... :P

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Shut up ~ you would do it for free drinks at the bar.

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telling by your looks, it seems you don't get much, or have any experience. don't be jealous that she had a bf and you don't. wow people on here are arrogant.

i agree, no need to be a chores hooker, chores should be shared by both parts, and same with the sexual pleasures :) it should not be something to buy each others with

If that's how you look you couldn't trade a ******* for a glass of water.

#219 If you're going to go about criticizing other's pics, you should at least have one of yourself.

219 wtf is wrong with you? I'd wash a Fedex truck with a kitchen sponge for her. Go die in a hole hater.

snafu63, not everything depends on looks, but then you sound a little too shallow to get that. Now grow up and stop trying to make people feel bad over the internet, it just makes you look like a jerk.

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I rather, see it another way, it's like positive reinforcement. Do dishes, get reward.

negative #248. thats called trollin'. and if you have a problem with it, well, the massively huge Internet wasn't meant far ya, ugly

Yeah really, didn't see that coming? Be proud at your guy he's doing what you want, the damn dices. YDI