By Anonymous - 19/09/2014 15:30 - United States - Montpelier

Today, I went with a couple of my friends to see a friend who's fallen very ill. Her dad walked in with a gun and demanded to know which of us had gotten his daughter pregnant. By the time I realized it was a joke, I'd already pissed myself. FML
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OP, did you have a reason to be that scared?

Even if he was responsible or not, seeing a man burst in with a gun would scare almost anyone.

this is literally one of the funniest FML's i have seen...easy hall of famer

drunkmunkey 24

"I'm sorry I took your daughters virginity, I promise it won't happen again"

I'd say a bloke threatening someone with a gun qualifies as enough reason.

audreyfml1994 15

Well, at least you know that your natural reaction is to choose flight over fight.

In what strange world is podding yourself a method of flight? If anything, it's a front at the dad. He's boldly marking his territory.

Flight over fight, piss over diss. Same thing.

Seems like a bad time to be joking like that when his daughter is very ill, sorry OP.

uglyheadedbitch 20

That's what I was thinking. She's obviously in pain at that moment, why play a dumb joke?

If laughter is the best medicine lets fire all the doctors and replace them with much cheaper clowns.

We're aiming for laughter, not complete terror

i was thinking that the whole thing was a joke and she wasn't sick? i could be wrong though

Wrap it before you tap it, never fails....Most of the time haha

ahippienamedrae 10

"never risk it, wrap your biscuit"

gjikvtj 18

Don't be a ________, wrap your trigger!

Don't be a fool cover your tool. What did the penis say to the condom?......... Cover me I'm going in!

larrena2377 26

Wrap it in latex or she'll get your paychecks.

Lizardgirl 7

It's not a party without a balloon

I'll never understand the sense of humor that some people have..

Because there's more then 1 type of humour on FML? Just a guess.

That's just to scare you off. All fathers are protective of their little daughters. Sucks about your pants though OP.