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Today, I realized I've been sinking into a deep depression, ignoring all my friends, and don't know what to do with my life anymore. This is all because I gave up Facebook for lent. FML
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This is what social networks can do to you.

Can anyone say LOSER?


This is what social networks can do to you.

niiick97_fml 3

like the south park where Stan gets sucked in. :)

lol I don't even have a Facebook it's a waste of damn time

this is what religion does to u

I Like The Way You Capatalized The First Letter Of Each Of Your Words. It Makes You Look Hip, And Fun.

and now I look stupid because her comment got deleted.

This is dumb. You should have changed your status to: "Gave up facebook for lent. See you all soon" YDI

robnunzi12 2

reminds me of funny people....all online friends no real friends

MC18 0

Hahah facebook is insanely addictive...gotta love ittt

We_Li_Ve_Fr_Ee 0

I haven't had a Facebook for 2 years now. get a life.

ooooooooooooh 4

holly? is this you?

I gave fb up for lent too. sorry about that hope it gets better.

rudikk99 2

I found FB and al social networks boring.. why smbd wants to read about smbdelse? usually thoughts are meaningless.

Good for you, #286! Convince of us of more reasons why you're more productive than the OP, please! I'm dying to hear!

Why so serious?

so raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways.....haha just continuing the song, from why so serious. :D

313 or bad Photoshop?


313 she's 15 idiot

Brittaneyyy 0

lol I think this is so funny because my bf has never had a fb n when I wasn't on it for like 2 months it was the best time ever but u do loose touch with people my best friend tried giving up fb for lent she failed miserably

Facebook is shutting down for good next year because the owner can't be bothered with it anymore.. Wonder what op's gonna do then...

A7X_LoVeee 10

^ lololololol..

Someone hacked my facebook and I can't get on lol. Who cares though, I just want my main email back...

312 that is awesome! I love P!nk

308- Love it, thanks for a great comment.

I only use Facebook to see what people are doing then ask em if they want to go and do something constructive

OfficialxAmber 0

312, I was thinking the same thing. :)

312-you remind me of Fred hehe:D

lol I get that a lot :D

No need to be a bitch, 303

Facebook is for fagsd

Can anyone say LOSER?

katieebug 0

took the words right out my mouth. do people not talk to friends in person anymore?? wtf.

crazysasha123 0

LOSER! there I said it(:

Couldn't agree more. I swear people and there facebooks. And then when people ask me if I have a FB and I say no they look at me like IM the the one without a life -_-

tobby16 0


I_R_Genius 3

#140, Didn't you know that Facebook is bi-winning?

Exactly what what I was thinking Navith, people are sad *sigh*

#151 WIN!! Hahaha.

same here! i Dont have FB and people think I'm from a different planet!!

Did any of y'all ever hear of an addiction? The internet AND facebook are like drugs to some people. Would you make fun of them? Oh wait, you would cause your immature.

I have a fb and I'm not afraid to say it, I know it's not good for this convo right now but at least I can control and addiction.

#186- Or maybe just intolerant. OP is ridiculous, and I don't care being intolerant. OP should buy a life, there are so many REAL problems in life, it's stupid to create one with a Fu*king social network. OP immature. Not us.

Yes we are, my friend, yes we are...

zendaddy0 0

l ummmmmmmm o ummmmmmm cake? dam that's not right this will take a while

lol 186 sry but there is a serious problem is some one becomes addicted to a social network site like that.. look i fid myself pathetic to play that much on online games as i almost consider it like an addiction and yes it's a problem!! We are immature for saying it? suks to b u sister.. OP sry to hear you are getting depressed but maybe its time u look outside your window. you might actually see human beings walking in the street.. answer the wake up call OP... ohh and get help.. FML is not really the best place to get the kinda help you need... btw 186, immaturity always depends on the point of view, in my opinion, you could very well be immature for trying to make OP's addiction normal.. see my point?

Hey Gerard, how's life been treating you?

I have a Facebook but I only have one because I am trying to find the true point of it.

310, I like your profile o/ *Gerard is greaaaaat now, isn't he*

haha.. i love your picture.!

I'll admit, I have an FB, but I use it like FML. It's really only good for watching the amusing statuses some people post. Other than that... I've shut it down every so often when there's a lull. I don't have time to spend all day on FB, I have video games to play! :O *sarcasm*

ifiFaLL 1

310: troll

151 - No it is not.

BellyDancinCheer 0

ill admit, i have a facebook, but i only use it to keep in touch with old friends cause i moved, im starting to get sick of fb though cause people are becoming wayy to addicted to it, i dont understand why, what happend to texting, or calling or talking to people in person?

BellyDancinCheer 0

theres wayyy to much drama on fb, theres been actual physical fights because of fb fights, fb fights r pretty pathetic!

Has anyone noticed that FML has started to be used like Facebook? Complete with stupid arguments and meaningless comments? If you're commenting on FML, you have no right to criticize others for using a Facebook.

ninja_darkstar 6

There facebooks? It's THEIR

LoveTheObsession 5

Maybe it's not just Facebook that made him depressed maybe there are other things that made him feel depressed like for me I know it was when my grandma died right in front of my eyes .. even though that was four years ago it still hurts maybe that's op's problem but you people can't say he deserved it.

Please take note of where he said "ALL because" he gave up Facebook

i gave up ps3, soo hard.

I gave up masturbating. believe me, it definitely is hard as hell.

you obviously didn't get the pun.

katieebug 0

^^ ahahah WIN. lmao

i agree, thats disguisting

why is it disgusting? it's natural. baby boys masturbate in the womb. just cos you don't do something, doesn't mean it's automatically disgusting.


U GAVE IT UP WHAT IS WRONG WITH U I can't go on for more then 3 days and if someone finds that gross well o well I'm only human

titan87 0

nothing like a good beat aye

Why does it have to be just guys? I'd be lost without my Lelo. :3

73 are u ten? face the facts guys have urges it is natural and apart of being human. they have the urges because nature wants them to procreate. as they may be too young or don't want kids they get rid of the urge by beating there meat. its not disgusting. even women have these urges... ever heard of protected sex? people have sex to rid them selves of there urges. oh and it is spelt disgusting*

I just realized 73 trolled us all.. damn it. I fell for it like a douche.

lakeybalboa 0

mfw everything

You guys do know that girls masturbate just as much as guys, right?

lakeybalboa 0

and girls can masturbate more in a day than a guy ima think

I rubbed one out like 4 times just reading this FML

KiddNYC1O 20

127- Oh, and the word you're looking for is "their".

OMG 127 I so agree with you.

Ariannalang 0

80% of girls masturbate. 92% of males masturbate. It's not gross..

calebpva 0

and how do you know this?!

she likes to watch lol everyone masturbates it's just some ppl make a huge deal of it

#127, oh, and by the way it's spelt YOU*

264 actually 261 is correct:)

Thanks, 266. I really didn't want to stress over FML's illiterate members.

LexxyLiime 0

266, that picture isn't you..

wow by reading these comments I feel like I'm attending grammar and sex ed class. -.-

SdCounty33 0

ya and it's "their" meat not "there" meat. Since you're going around spell checking.

dirtyblond 4

Yes, and it's "Ya" not "ya", since it was in the beggining of a sentence. Come on people!-_____-

#326, in your screenname, blonde is spelt incorrectly.

benefiits 0

you pretty cute. :)

261 and 183 please take your grammar nazi trolling some where else.

141, don't flatter 73. She's from Canada, she doesn't know how to troll.

sourspraykay 8

so agree w/ ihasbrains

dirtyblond 4

329, I did that on purpose. Oh! What now punk?! -_____- geezes

u my friend, are a brave and courageous man....

LexxyLiime 0

301, Thanks so much! :D you're also super pretty :3 Let's trade hairs >:3 I want yours c:

@223: And if I might add, 100% of females and males who DO NOT masturbate... are damned liars.

nynjapyrate 0

that's just sad. get a life outside the Internet u loser

titan87 0

Im sensing some Irony in this comment

MrFlintstone 5


LoveTheObsession 5

Yea think of who your calling a loser..

no facebook = social suicide.

Not true at all. Plenty of people don't have a facebook (myself included) and still have a social life.

I don't have facebook either.

i don't have books.

I don't have a face.

ah yeah thought about That too, but wouldnt be able to get away with it since my pic shows a face.

mendozaale 0

i am nonexistent .... so i dont have a facebook....

andreabeth95 2

neither do I :)

173, You're super pretty! I love your hair!

LexxyLiime 0

173 is fake her picture is Brookelle Bones

If you see a girl on FML who is really hot there is a really good it's fake.

blo0_starZz 0

Wait. I have a Facebook <.< But I don't use it much, it's boring :/ & I only have people I actually talk to in real life on it, so mehh :3

My mother has facebook which is the main reason I do not

LexxyLiime 0

Wow. 173 your like SO cool for changing your picture to someone who probably still isn't you.

262- same here

It doesn't matter if she has a picture of someone who isn't really her. That's her choice.

did she ever say it was her..?

Oh good god, who cares?!

misstamz 0

Facebook sucks.

thank u for making me believe again :D

I like your kitty :)

LexxyLiime 0

Well thats your opinion if it sucks isn't it. 

My preppy friend gave up Justin Bieber for lent. She freaked out.

how could she even handle that?!?

by not being a HUGE lg

OMG?!?! NO NOT JUSTIN BIEBER!! Im speaking in sarcasm if you haven't realized yet :P

dude, I like love you for that comment^

I gave up smoking crack for lent.

op you idiot.. have you thought of suicide? :(

Easter is almost here

little extreme there eh?

a lil extreme but I agree

itman3456 0

random??? lol

anakaren_831 1

This is why girls become prostitutes.

In case you didn't realize, Easter marks the end of Lent, idiots. I'm not even Christian and I know that.