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  Brittaneyyy  |  0

lol I think this is so funny because my bf has never had a fb n when I wasn't on it for like 2 months it was the best time ever but u do loose touch with people my best friend tried giving up fb for lent she failed miserably

  aLaNx431O  |  0

Couldn't agree more. I swear people and there facebooks. And then when people ask me if I have a FB and I say no they look at me like IM the the one without a life -_-

  Lustuu_fml  |  14

#186- Or maybe just intolerant. OP is ridiculous, and I don't care being intolerant. OP should buy a life, there are so many REAL problems in life, it's stupid to create one with a Fu*king social network. OP immature. Not us.

  geko911  |  22

lol 186 sry but there is a serious problem is some one becomes addicted to a social network site like that.. look i fid myself pathetic to play that much on online games as i almost consider it like an addiction and yes it's a problem!! We are immature for saying it? suks to b u sister..

OP sry to hear you are getting depressed but maybe its time u look outside your window. you might actually see human beings walking in the street.. answer the wake up call OP... ohh and get help.. FML is not really the best place to get the kinda help you need...

btw 186, immaturity always depends on the point of view, in my opinion, you could very well be immature for trying to make OP's addiction normal.. see my point?

  FlashBurn  |  13

I'll admit, I have an FB, but I use it like FML. It's really only good for watching the amusing statuses some people post. Other than that... I've shut it down every so often when there's a lull. I don't have time to spend all day on FB, I have video games to play! :O


ill admit, i have a facebook, but i only use it to keep in touch with old friends cause i moved, im starting to get sick of fb though cause people are becoming wayy to addicted to it, i dont understand why, what happend to texting, or calling or talking to people in person?


Has anyone noticed that FML has started to be used like Facebook? Complete with stupid arguments and meaningless comments? If you're commenting on FML, you have no right to criticize others for using a Facebook.


Maybe it's not just Facebook that made him depressed maybe there are other things that made him feel depressed like for me I know it was when my grandma died right in front of my eyes .. even though that was four years ago it still hurts maybe that's op's problem but you people can't say he deserved it.

  leeshxx  |  3

73 are u ten? face the facts guys have urges it is natural and apart of being human. they have the urges because nature wants them to procreate. as they may be too young or don't want kids they get rid of the urge by beating there meat. its not disgusting. even women have these urges... ever heard of protected sex? people have sex to rid them selves of there urges. oh and it is spelt disgusting*