By Loho - Canada
Today, I was using my dad's cell because I had broken mine. I was texting my boyfriend all day when my dad needed his phone back. I forgot to tell my boyfriend that my dad would be using the phone. My boyfriend then texted graphically what he wanted to do to my dad. FML
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By  WAxlRose  |  0

What he wanted to do to your dad? or what he wanted to do to you? i assume is its the latter, even though its worded rather confusingly, either way that sucks.

By  fukn_yur_mama  |  0

Who would text something like that to a cell phone that actually belongs to their gf's dad anyway? I think your boyfriend totally deserves the ass beating he's about to receive from your dad.

By  misskrisha  |  0

all things 'dirty', including texts, pictures, and voicemails, should only be sent to the proper person's accounts/devices, and not one they're borrowing temporarily.

By  deliciouskaek  |  1

He shouldn't have been texting you that stuff on your dad's phone. Suppose you deleted the messages, but they remained in a a 'Trash' folder? Or suppose you forgot to delete them altogether?

Neither of you thought this through very clearly, did you?

another YDTO

By  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

How sad that you were loaned someone's cell and yet all you were doing with it was texting incessantly. Hopefully now your dad realises what a stupid move that was.

Texting "all day" when cell phones' main purpose is for calling is frivolous and kinda pathetic, anyway.