By Loho - / Wednesday 25 March 2009 02:46 / Canada
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What he wanted to do to your dad? or what he wanted to do to you? i assume is its the latter, even though its worded rather confusingly, either way that sucks.

Who would text something like that to a cell phone that actually belongs to their gf's dad anyway? I think your boyfriend totally deserves the ass beating he's about to receive from your dad.

all things 'dirty', including texts, pictures, and voicemails, should only be sent to the proper person's accounts/devices, and not one they're borrowing temporarily.

He shouldn't have been texting you that stuff on your dad's phone. Suppose you deleted the messages, but they remained in a a 'Trash' folder? Or suppose you forgot to delete them altogether? Neither of you thought this through very clearly, did you? another YDTO

How sad that you were loaned someone's cell and yet all you were doing with it was texting incessantly. Hopefully now your dad realises what a stupid move that was. Texting "all day" when cell phones' main purpose is for calling is frivolous and kinda pathetic, anyway.

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