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Today, I went to my dad, hoping to confess something to him. He quickly said that if I'd got my girlfriend pregnant, he'd kill me. That's exactly what happened. I had to make up a lie instead about stealing $50 from his wallet once as a kid, which he then demanded I pay back in full. FML
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JoeGrant 12

You should just tell him. Deal with the consequences like a man.

Maybe he will accept a new born child in exchange for the fifty dollars..?


JoeGrant 12

You should just tell him. Deal with the consequences like a man.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

Ya, I mean there's no way around this. The truth is going to come out once she starts showing. I highly doubt your dad meant he would literally kill you. Just tell him, take the heat, and move on.

Hard for little boys to act like men. Strap up or keep it in your pants.

#15...we dnt know if OP used a condom and it popped. Besides that condoms are still barriers that break. Maybe I'm old school but my belief is sex should only happen when you can take care of a family. To the OP... you were man enough to lay with her, man up and tell ya pops. Why lie?

You may be old school, but you're absolutely right!

your dad will probably be even more angry/dissapointed because you didnt tell him straight away...

20- I honestly think you should start having sex AFTER you get married

squideth 18

64, good for you. Please apply that to your own life and keep your nose out of other people's bedrooms.

im not sure someone can "deal" with being dead

64 I honestly do not think arbitrary goals help anyone. at best it makes people feel guilty if they break them, and when teenagers are taught that, whoever teaches them more often then not do not teach about condoms out other friend of birth control and end up doing more damage then good.

Although sex before marriage isn't a bad thing. I personally don't see how you can really love someone on all different levels without experiencing it. It just scares me, thinking that if I just randomly married a guy and he couldn't please me. I've been disappointed my whole life and I understand about teaching but damn. But I do fully believe that if you're "responsible" enough to have sex you should be responsible enough to support a child. Its called consequences of our actions. xD

I was taught all my life to not have sex before marriage. Now that I'm older I see that rule is ridiculous but I still can't keep from feeling guilty about it sometimes. **** religion.

98- The difference between what 20 said and what 64 said is the reasoning behind it. 20 was saying that if you aren't able to deal with the potential consequences of your actions then you shouldn't be doing it. Condoms can break, and if the individual can't afford or doesn't believe in abortion then they could be burdening society with a child they themselves are not able to care for. Waiting until marriage is a personal and/or religious choice and should only be the business of the person making it. Also being married has nothing to do with being able to care for a child.

No. #20 is talking about responsibility, #64 is talking about dogma. See the difference? What has marriage to do with this at all? People don't need to be married to be able to raise a child. And there are plenty of married couples who sure as hell should not breed.

Especially this lie, in a few short months.

Yeah, unfortunately there's an easy fix for this, the it's-not-mine defense. I so see the OP using that

bandeek 30

Paternity test would prove that he was lying.

Well, he can always spill the truth by dramatically standing and yelling "Dammit dad! Ill need that $50 for diapers!" And just hope the shock makes the dad understand and stalls him from being murdered.

Maybe he will accept a new born child in exchange for the fifty dollars..?

He should accept it and pay OP. Do you know how much first borns are worth these days?!

Not just first borns. ALL babies are expensive....up until they're 18 (sometimes longer) you will have to pay. Sometimes for some people, it never gets easier. Its all blood, sweat, and tears until the child becomes a respectable adult. Even then, watch out. xD

F your girlfriend's life. Tell your father and man the **** up.

We don't know what OP's age is nor if he is dependent on his parents or not therefore his dads answer might be reasonable.

11 - We can safely assume that OP is probably a stupid teenager. If he is an adult, OP would not be feeling guilty, what his father said wouldn't mean shit and there would be no FML.

AtomicDiamond87 15

#11 it doesn't matter what age the OP is... If he can make it he can grow up and take care of it... The dad might be mad to hear the news but still deserves to know.

its also F OP's life, just because his gf is pregnant doesn't mean it only affects her, he needs to take it like a man.

meggieeee92 15

I am curious how old the OP is. I'm assuming he is young because he's being a little bitch about telling his dad about knocking his girlfriend up. If you believe you are mature/responsible enough to have sex, then be responsible enough to take care of a baby.

Exactly. He's going to find out one way or another.

I might get thumbed down but oh well. Maybe OP won't have to tell his dad? Maybe OP wanted to ask his dad for advice about if OP and his girlfriend should keep the baby or not? I know guys who have asked their dad's for advice such as if the dad thinks it's best to get an abortion, keep or set the child up for adoption. Even though overall it is the woman's decision getting input doesn't hurt.

How can he ask for advice on it without telling him?

#102 well obviously he's more scared to ask for advice now that his dad said he'd kill him if she was pregnant. Maybe he's either gonna tell his dad or just try to figure it out on his own because from fear of disappointing his dad. That is if that is what OP had in mind.

Rosebudx 32

Congratulations, now you're still going to be a dad AND you're now fifty dollars short in diaper money. Great job.

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He'll find out sooner or later. You may as well tell him the truth now, who knows maybe you'll get your $50 back!

firstbasemaster 15

Id rather lose $50 than my life

Well OP's dad will find out eventually regardless because being a father is pretty difficult to keep a secret.

Unfortunately lying about owing the $50 didn't make the other part any less true. Now he has a baby on the way and $50 less in his pocket.

AphyTheBronette 15

I'm not surprised you'd rather pay 50 dollars for something that didn't happen to save your own hide from actions that teens shouldn't be doing anyway. As my father always told me when I was a teen " if you play, you pay." Pretty much scared the crap out of me to stay away from sex and men in general.

PterodactylMan 23

I'd give him 60 to make sure, Incase of interest