By nick2.0 - 09/09/2009 21:20 - United States

Today, I hired a private investigator to find out if my wife of 15 years is cheating on me with my brother. I don't know what's worse, that she is cheating on me, or that instead of cheating with my brother she's cheating with my brother's wife. FML
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Well, now you and your brother have something else in common. Your wives are cheating ******.

When life hands u lemons, make lemonade...Do i hear Threesome?


Hey people what happened to the previous FML?

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I'm guessing it got pulled by the mods for being innappropiate. When you go to the doctor you expect confidentiality, not having your issues blabbed about on some website, even if it is anonymous.

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Look on the bright least your money didn't go to waste?

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Well, YDI because you wanted to know..

I assure you... to a New Jersey woman... it makes no difference whether it's a man, woman, or thoroughbred...

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cheat on her with your brother

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no effen way it's Dilly! how's KAW?!?!

When life hands u lemons, make lemonade...Do i hear Threesome?

No, you don't... more likely would be the world's most awkward foursome. Would you really **** both your own and your brother's wife? By the way......... THIRTY-FOURTH XD (sarcasm. No-one gives a shit about placings. If you're a person who does... please die in a hole.)

Kinda depends on the brothers...there are plenty out there that wouldn't mind Eiffel Towering both those chicks.

Congratulations, #2, for being the first "threesome" retard on this post!

I dunno... people always say "oh that means threesome/foursome" but obviously the chicks don't want it from the guys. Three/foursome denied.

Lol you can't blame all theses guys for thinking all girls want a threesome/foursome. I mean all the pornos they watch have it happen like clockwork I'm sure. _________________________________

They are idiots for thinking **** is realistic.

When life hands you lemons, find some tequila!! It depends on how close him an his brother are and how long they have been married as if the OP see's his sister in law as a sister then it's not really going to work. However if they are not that close then wayhay!! Get in there. Even if he just gets to **** his wife while she mouth ***** his sister in law. That could still be hot. ;)

Fortunately, only a few people get your joke, but that's ******* disgusting. As for the FML- that's more like a MLIG.

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evil_teddy_bear is all about that bronze

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^lmfao....epic #76 but OP, I say dont pout too long. Be a man, follow your wife when she goes over, film it, upload it on the internet. "Thats the natural way Lois...thats the natural way"

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I hate you. Your comment is bad and you should feel bad.

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Uh win? Sorry but it's every mans dream of a threesome with two women. Go for it.

No it is not. Don't make stupid generalizations.

Ok, every guy who is a horny bastard and has no self control. There

No, I'm a perverted guy who's fantasies are without control. Mine are more ****** up then just 3SOME, but require only one woman, the third person could be anyone, since said ****** up act doesn't require me to touch them (and no, they can't watch! YOU MUST GET INVOLVED)

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At least it's not flesh & blood that's betraying you. It's whats married to your flesh and blood....

that.. and his "flesh" has no blood ;D JK.

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damn, 15 years, thats rough man. But if it were ur brother u could at least beat his ass... but its a chick. idk what to say other than. what a bitch

who cares if its a woman, go ahead and beat her ass lol no double standards!

considering 9s name, that wasn't very funny. but I agree with comment above me^^

Well, now you and your brother have something else in common. Your wives are cheating ******.

wrong, #10 they're cheating bisexuals. (because it would be totally backward and unlikely that they would have husbands if they were lesbians) OP: just you and your bro divorce those women, or sort some sort of agreement out that doesn't involve divorce....i'm sure you can do that But seriously, it's not that hard to work out a problem like this. cheating happens. it's not like it's a genetic trait present in only a select minority of people in some small rural towns.

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You'd be surprised how many married women are lesbians. They usually go into the marriage mistaking a strong friendship (friends with benefits?) as true love or their family pressures them into marrying and she thinks it will work out.