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Today, I found out my husband has been catfishing my sixteen year-old brother for over a year. FML
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What the **** did I just read? How did you even find this out?

That's disturbing, I suggest you have a serious talk about why that's not ok.


What the **** did I just read? How did you even find this out?

That's disturbing, I suggest you have a serious talk about why that's not ok.

Depends on motivation, if the little brother is a douche bag and he just enjoys screwing with him then that's not quite as bad as being a pervert.

No, it's still pretty f*cked up tho.

Your husband is a creep and a troll of the worst kind. Stringing a young man along for the sake of laughs is pathetic and cruel.

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And doing that for over a year to your own kid is beyond ****** up...

It wasn't their kid, it was OPs brother. That would be the husband's brother in law. But I agree, catfishing in general is ****** up.

What I'm curious about was OPs husband doing it for ***** and giggles or maybe he is actually a pedofile and has had his eyes on the brother a while now?

Actually, the post says it is the OP's husband. Catfishing is sick. Catfishing a teenage stepson is disgusting.

I had a brain fart. Ignore the post where I talk about the wrong relative.

I am a bit concerned about that as well. If he was doing it for laughs, I would think after a few days he would say that it is him and not actually a girl. But keeping it up for over a year? That makes me think he is doing it for more than just a joke, and has serious issues.

I dont know what catfishing is but I understand enough to know it's awful

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It's when you pretend to be a girl online and talk to boys, there's a show called "Catfish" and it has episodes where they go to the persons house and talk to them about how they got catfished

^ that's ONE way to catfish. In this FML, yes that's what was happening. But you could do this vice versa, you could act like a completely different person in general, using pictures of someone other than you, etc.

Eh it's pretending to be someone you're not online, typically using fake pictures. Usually used when talking about them getting another person into a relationship using the fake pictures and info and such. Not really a gendered thing that I've seen

not just a girl. don't be so one sided. I've seen plenty of people get catfished by a girl pretending to be a guy too.

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Lol, I thought it was just a prank too. But I dunno, if it's been going on for over a year, that's a joke gone way too far.

Yeah leading someone on is so funny. *eyeroll*

If you think that is funny you are seriously ****** up.

hey i stand with you on that this is funny **** all those people who think other wise

That's disgusting. What if OP's brother was sending nudes? This poor kid thinks there's a lovely person out there for him and it turns out it's his sister's husband. Maybe her husband is a pedophile. This is just sad. I feel terrible for her brother. We need a continuance of this, I want to know what happens next.

It wasn't until this commnt I understood that the husband posed as someone else and was talking to the brother. Before I thought that the husband was posing as the brother and talking to others..

this is worrying. you need to talk to your husband about the reasons behind this., and take action.