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  rikkirauha  |  20

I am a bit concerned about that as well. If he was doing it for laughs, I would think after a few days he would say that it is him and not actually a girl. But keeping it up for over a year? That makes me think he is doing it for more than just a joke, and has serious issues.

  M3DO  |  24

It's when you pretend to be a girl online and talk to boys, there's a show called "Catfish" and it has episodes where they go to the persons house and talk to them about how they got catfished

  ladycoco8  |  20

^ that's ONE way to catfish. In this FML, yes that's what was happening. But you could do this vice versa, you could act like a completely different person in general, using pictures of someone other than you, etc.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Eh it's pretending to be someone you're not online, typically using fake pictures. Usually used when talking about them getting another person into a relationship using the fake pictures and info and such. Not really a gendered thing that I've seen

By  Natttie  |  15

That's disgusting. What if OP's brother was sending nudes? This poor kid thinks there's a lovely person out there for him and it turns out it's his sister's husband. Maybe her husband is a pedophile. This is just sad. I feel terrible for her brother. We need a continuance of this, I want to know what happens next.

  Danne696  |  14

It wasn't until this commnt I understood that the husband posed as someone else and was talking to the brother. Before I thought that the husband was posing as the brother and talking to others..