By Enslaved - 15/11/2016 08:40

Today, I told my long-distance friend about the flooding in Florida due to the Supermoon. He's a Flat Earther and despite proof, denies the coincidence because he believes the moon and gravity aren't what we're taught. FML
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What an idiot, if he was smart he would know the world is a cube.

Talis99 26

It literally boggles my mind how folks can be this thick-headed. All the evidence, all the science--do they need to be strapped into a rocket and shot into space themselves?


This isn't really an FML on your part as much as it is on theirs. They're going to struggle later in life when these misbeliefs bite them in the butt.

One day the poor guy is going to see a mountain from far enough away that the curvature of the earth prevents him from seeing the base of it, and his head's going to explode trying to come up with an explanation of how that could work on a flat plane.

What an idiot, if he was smart he would know the world is a cube.

Au contraire. It's TIME that is a cube! Actually, I think that website argued the Earth itself was too in some weird roundabout way, come to think of it.

A companion cube.

Thanks Obama

Liar. It's actually a delicious cake with a moist centre.

Talis99 26

It literally boggles my mind how folks can be this thick-headed. All the evidence, all the science--do they need to be strapped into a rocket and shot into space themselves?

Honestly, I've always wanted to set up a program like this specifically for those types of people, just to prove to them the science is correct.

katachristic 19

Ask them how it is that people can fly planes in one direction continuously and eventually up at the same spot. It's not an overly technical argument and the only (non-technical) counterargument is that literally all the planes got turned around some point or are lying

I don't know where OP's friend lives, but if it's anywhere else in the U.S., it's quite possible he was educated in a state where people think kids should learn about creationism in science class.

What does that have to do with it? Creationism doesn't teach that the earth is flat. The earth is round still.

Honestly though if a program was ever set up to prove people like this wrong, I'd also say the world was flat. Free ride into space.

They'll say it was a simulation or something so even that wouldnt be enought

was thinkin the same thing!

MashaV 6

You know, this might be a marketable idea. The friends and family of the flat-earthers would sponsor a "re-education trip to space" to save their loved ones from stupidity.

Creationism doesn't teach that the earth is flat? Are you sure, have you tried listening to what those asshats actually say? I guess it's true that creationism literally doesn't *teach* anything, but instead spreads lies and deliberate ignorance. But this doesn't change the fact that flat-earth creationism is a thing, and that approximately 100% of ALL flat-earthers ARE creationists...

Great idea! A one way trip, of course.

Justy101 23

@27 Despite not being a Christian myself, I was brought up in a very Christian home and even did a few years of home schooling through a Christian program. Creationism DOES NOT teach flat earth theory. I have never come across flat earth theory in any creationist teachings. It's a very small niche of some crazy people who have taken parts of the Bible out of context to suit their own theory and certainly does not reflect the beliefs of a vast majority of christians.

one way. preferably.

@27: 100% of squares are rectangles, that doesn't mean that all rectangles are square. Your argument is a fallacy. It seems to me that other than the flat-Earthers, you're the only one spreading ignorance.

#19, exactly! My first thought when I read it was: why spend all that money and rocket fuel on ignorant idiots, "I" want to go to space!!! The only valid "flat earth" is the Discworld. I mean, the elephants supporting on Great A-Tuin it even lift their legs to let the sun pass!

Funny how everyone goes straight into denial mode without even addressing what I said; have I actually found some creationists here or are you just defending those nutcases for some odd reason? I've never claimed all creationists are flat-earthers, which #55 even admits, but then you still follow up with the #yesall creationists straw man?! 100% of squares are still rectangles. Creationists are some of the most infamous science-deniers in the world, denying the big bang, evolution, heliocentrism, the age of the earth, the age of the universe, tectonics and more including, whether you like it or not, the sphere earth. Obviously. Why would you be so sure people that dismiss/deny entire chunks or even all of astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geology, metrology, anthropology and more (effectively ALL of science) would stop at the shape of the earth? You'd be surprised how popular the flat-earth society is, especially in the US... that also has a % of creationists >twice that of any other country in the first world with the single exception of... accused ISIS supporter Turkey. it's well-known that "regular" creationists like to distantiate themselves from the flat-earth creationists that share their ideology but deny just a tiny bit more science. Of the many flat-earthers I've talked to many immediately and proudly identified as creationists, but NONE of them has EVER disagreed with creationism. Only some of the creationists I've met were deep enough into science denial to think the world is flat. So instead of straw-manning me and just denying something I've never claimed, why not prove me wrong, hmm? Can you creationist-(defender)s even name a SINGLE flat-earther that's not a creationist?

Actually #78 I went to a Christian college and studied Microbiology. We are taught about evolution and the Big Bang and how there is the possibility that an event of creative evolution happened. I also never said "All creationists" I merely stated Creationism does not teach flat earth theory. Now kindly remove your head from your ass. Thank you.

I was taught creationism in school (I studied at an Islamic school). Nowhere did we learn that the earth was flat. In fact our teachers made it a point to emphasize that the Earth was sort of egg-shaped, and last time I checked, eggs weren't flat. Where are you getting your information from?

Good job on destroying that straw man about creationists being flat earthers an all but... I guess this means you cannot contest the only claim I made, namely that apparently the only people ignorant and delusional enough to that think the world is flat are *some* creationists... And if you disagree, I'm still waiting for you to name even ONE flat earther that's not a creationists, as I've never even heard of a single one.

I grew up going to those schools all my life and they most definitely teach that the world is round.

For all of you arguing about creationism. FYI you don't need to believe the earth is flat if you believe in creation HOWEVER the people that are flat earther believe in the creation myth because the Bible talks about the firmament. Hope that settles it!

What a dumbass

Whatever, OP. Just keep drinking the Kool-Aid like everybody else. While you do that, the Round Earth Tycoons make millions off our collective ignorance. They harness our brainwaves (specifically those generated when we imagine Earth spinning) and sell the energy to… terrorists… or something.

I saw your inspiration on the internet so it must be true! Abraham Lincoln said so!

Yarecho 14

Oh we got another Christopher Columbus here?

xcllla_ 27

Everyone knows that the world is flat, and resting on the backs of four elephants who, in turn, stand upon the back of a giant, space-faring turtle.

I thought that said "space-farting"… I think it's time to go to bed.

And the thaumic field slows the light down to the speed of sound!

With hundreds of people going into space and seeing the round planet from above, I can't believe we have idiots like this around.

There's a lot of people who believe it's all just a huge conspiracy, and that we've never been to space, or the moon, and those pictures of the earth from space are photo-shopped. Btw, I'm not one of those people, I just find conspiracy theories interesting.

I can see when only three guys went to the moon that you could believe that such a conspiracy is plausible, but with hundreds of people going up to the space station, it's impossible that no one has leaked the fraud. Plus, you can see the space station orbiting the earth.

There are also people who believe that dinosaur bones were placed in the ground by God or Satan or whoever to test people's faith... Stupidity knows no bounds, my friend.

If the earth is round how come we got four corners?

Do you really want to mix your genes with his? If yes, why post this? If no, why is he long distance boyfriend and not ex boyfriend already?

I think you misread. It says "friend" not "boyfriend". Big difference.

Oh, I did misread that...

It's okay, I read "boyfriend" at first too