By dollfacee - 09/07/2015 16:51 - United States

Today, my boyfriend admitted that he thinks I'm cheating on him, with my brother. FML
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"Why is he always 'hanging out' in your house Denise?!"

Probably time to dump him if he's so insecure he thinks you'd hook up with your own brother


I do seem to recall a similar FML some time ago. Must be the same boyfriend.

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Similar thing has happened to me. My boyfriend thinks that my Step-brother is in love with me and gets a bit jealous if we hang out a lot. He is military so when he is home we are often with each other as we are practically best friends. Honestly, just disregard his comment unless it becomes a problem. Guys get jealous sometimes. If he says it again though and starts being more accusatory, then don't put up with it. You deserve better if he continues saying this.

He must watch too much incest ****

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taking sibling love to a whole other level.

Any incest **** is too much incest ****.

Probably time to dump him if he's so insecure he thinks you'd hook up with your own brother

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Or you can talk about it. Unless you're one of the people who dumps people the second they do something you don't agree with.

It's not doing something you don't agree with, it's not trusting someone. Trust is a HUGGGGE thing, if you can't trust someone you can't have a good relationship with them. I'm a very paranoid person, but I completely trust my girlfriend. I know she wouldn't cheat on me and she knows I wouldn't cheat on her. That's how a relationship is supposed to be unless you have reason to be suspicious.

Maybe he had some things happen to him in the past that makes him have a lacking of trust. Possibly it's not his thought. Well I mean..It is. But.

my ex would always get a raging boner anytime his sister came along. so yea you can't just ignore Shit like that..

Yeah, *are* you cheating on him with your brother?

Maybe watching a bit too much Game of Thrones?

He seems highly logical. Keep him around a bit for entertainment.

"Why is he always 'hanging out' in your house Denise?!"

"Cause we've lived in the same house for years" this would be her reply.

If he's that paranoid, its time to end the relationship. FYL