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Today, after I cleaned out the fridge of things that expired months ago, my roommate got angry and insisted upon pulling all the moldy dairy products out of the garbage and putting them back because "they weren't mine and I shouldn't throw out other people's food." FML
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  intotheblue  |  0

Haha that's hilarious, #1...

OP: you're absolutely right for not wanting moldy food in your -shared- fridge. However maybe you should've let her know first. Like at my last job, every few weeks, this woman would put a note on the fridge in the break room, saying "Fridge is getting cleaned out this Saturday. If it doesn't have a name or receipt on it, it'll get thrown out." At least she took the responsibility to keep it cleaned out, but it still gave us the chance to save what we wanted to keep.

Reminds me of when I cleaned out my grandma's fridge once. There were a lot of things that had expired, sometimes as much as three YEARS before that. But my grandma thought they were still good if they hadn't been opened yet. Even green cheese. Of course that's just the way old people think sometimes (and she was in the early stages of Alzheimer's). The only reason I can think that your roommate insisted on keeping disgusting old food, is she was indignant that you didn't ask her first.


Maybe. Or maybe they're like this girl I know. My friend's roommate got really angry when she did the same thing... with GREEN meat from the freezer that had an expiration date of 2 years prior to that. Some people are just weird and REALLY like bad food. The scary thing is, that girl would eat the really old bad food and SERVE IT TO OTHERS. Not telling them how old it is, of course. Until that day, people thought it was a coincidence they often got some sort of stomach bug or other after eating with her. It's no wonder she was always sick!

  birds_fml  |  7

I thought my inlaws were bad! At least they don't eat things that are visibly bad... they just think that it's okay to leave a roast sitting out for a couple days, because they think that only chicken can make you sick. If something LOOKS bad they'll throw it out at least. They also wonder why they're always getting sick. Gee, it wouldn't have anything to do with that jar of mayonnaise you don't think needs to be refrigerated, would it?

By  bneill  |  0

I can so relate. I would of told them to take it out themselves & its dumb to leave expired food for months in there. I had dumb roommates like that. good luck with them

By  Nyuu_fml  |  12

You didn't put them back, right..? o.o

My ex-roommate kept a yoghurt for three months in our fridge, until I gave up and threw it away. Smelled pretty evil.