By tmi4me - 26/05/2015 03:50 - United States

Today, my boss admitted she's having an affair. She's married to my brother. FML
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brendejafulable 41

Tell your brother. Family trumps a job.

Family is more important than a job. Tell your brother OP.


What a bad place to be in. I'm sorry for your brother and you. Talk about a hostile work place.

brendejafulable 41

Tell your brother. Family trumps a job.

Forth of July family get together will be fun!

Looks like your stuck between a rock and a hard place!

yeah, the only thing left to do is now to blackmail the boss into giving you a raise.

Why does she even tell you of all people? Please don't hesitate to tell your brother

Probably because, since the OP works for them, they're not likely to snitch for fear of losing their job.

yes, that was clear to me. But since it was such a nasty move, I wondered if she chose OP on purpose for that reason, or if they are just so close that she didn't realize the trouble she would get OP into.. :/

Family is more important than a job. Tell your brother OP.

thats easily sqid by people who don't need to support anyone

Wtf? Why would she confide that in you? I hope you tell your brother OP. No one deserves to get cheated on.

nesteremily 31

Wow why would she tell you that? Definitely tell your brother OP

If that was my brother I would've been on the phone to him faster than you could say the word 'cheat'. He deserves to know OP.

Bro-code #33 states that in the event of discovering any cheating, vexatious flirting, or outright affair in direct conflict to a bro - it is your duty as a bro to inform that bro immediately. Just sayin'

Naw man, Bro-Code #1 is; No Bro shall pursue, encourage, or engage in any sexual activity - flirting included - with any individual already in any form of relationship with another bro.

Ya fair enough bros before hoes is how it goes either way, you're a bro.

where can I purchase a book of these bro codes?

RockstarJAy 16

How many Bro codes are there?

dude, brocode #1 states the following: Bros before hoes, a 'hoe' is referred to a woman that is not a sister, mother, aunt, grandma or other close family.