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Today, at a family gathering, it emerged that my now ex-fiancé has been sleeping with his brother's girlfriend for some time now. A fight broke out, the police were called, and more than one of his relatives are blaming me for him cheating with her. FML
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YellowKettleBell 31

How can it possibly be your fault?

Well at this point you're not involved with the family anymore, so who gives a crap?


YellowKettleBell 31

How can it possibly be your fault?

Ooor because the family obviously has issues?

#7, that's a ****** up and vain reason to cheat on someone.

JMichael 25

7- this is the third idiotic statement I have seen from you.

AbstraktThoughts 13

18: Is there ANY good reason to cheat?

#38: define 'good reason'. Some would say that dissatisfaction is a good reason.

#39, even dissatisfaction isn't a good reason. If you're not happy, just leave. That's better than betrayal.

Pretty sure #7 was joking. Lighten up.

I felt 7 was saying possible reasons as to why they were blaming the wife. Not an opinion of 7 on OP.

Don't worry you'll find someone worth your time!

martialart1st18 19

That's not your fault they need to chill

FYL, but the sooner you find out the better for you.

Well at this point you're not involved with the family anymore, so who gives a crap?

I do believe he became the ex fiancé at this gathering

This was actually quite helpful, thank you

The "You fail logic forever" brand. Its sad how many people buy from them.

i really wonder how you ended up being the person that everyone is pointing fingers to

It doesn't matter, he's responsible for his own actions. He could have sacked up and broken it off before he stabbed his brother in the back.

People come up with plenty of stupid reasons to try to justify why the cheater is the victim in these cases. Usually, it's to make themselves feel better about their choices - to make themselves not look like the bad guy - and use their significant other as a scapegoat for their problems (i.e., she was boring in bed, so I had no choice but to shop around elsewhere; his attitude when discussing having kids drove me to seek another; it's his/her fault I wasn't happy in the relationship and found love somewhere else, etc.). No doubt, OP was a victim of illogical poppycock; the ex probably drummed up sympathy by saying he wasn't happy with OP, and they gave him the benefit of the doubt by overlooking his infidelity and projecting the causes onto OP in the process. In other words, they were blaming the tree for being where the fire was.

olpally 32

Walk away from that situation, that's insanity!

Sounds pretty Jerry Springer up in there

Oh I've encountered other's parents who are like that: ones that refuse to believe that their "flawless child" is guilty in any situation, thus why if their kid hurts somebody outside of their bloodline, they give that person the blame for their son's/daughter's actions. Don't worry, OP. Just be grateful that you're no longer with that asshole. You'll find somebody better.

I understand people who are like that, but why blame OP? It seems more logical to blame the brother's girlfriend to me. Maybe there is something else there and this is just an excuse to do be angry with OP?

I'm guessing it's just a question of playing favorites. The brother's gf may be more liked than OP, so they use OP as a convenient scapegoat to avoid blaming anyone else. Talk about denial!