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Today, I was listening to music while I wrapped Christmas presents. All was going well when the music was cut off, literally. I snipped the cable to my very expensive headphones in half. FML
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I promise I won't be dull and make any puns on this one. I promised to cut it out. Instead, I'll think of something more cutting edge. I'm at a loss at this point, probably due to this splitting headache. I'd probably butcher any attempt at being a cut-up anyway, so I'll just cleave it alone. That's what I get for paring humor and wit.

Well now you know what you want for Christmas.


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Congratulations your an idiot :)

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18, the irony and this is why I don't buy expensive headphones

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But the expensive ones are the best. I have some that I use for jogging which cost me $100, and before that, I used the regular ipod headphones and they would fall out and I would be constantly putting them back in. :(

Dreamy is right. I don't travel without my Bose noise reducing headphones.

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your life is ****** cause of earphones. Hmm

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doc, touché and whose life WOULDNT be ****** without headphones? I would have to listen to my 4 sisters talk about boys and other girl nonsense

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I know what to get OP for Christmas now :-) A train set!

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I have really good noise-canceling earphones that stay in. They cost me $9 at Big Lots. There's no need for expensive ones. These are the best I've ever had, and probably also the cheapest.

my friend is in a band, playing bass. he's pretty good, and they have played in front of crowds and recorded some songs. he probably can't use $9 headphones.

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ohhhookkkk I don't get u.. the OP isn't asking for ur opinion

that's because earphones suck. headphones ftw

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57, your wrong. I play bass, in a band, in front of crowds. I can use $9 headphones.

You can't wrap an ipod and listen to it it at the same time it rarely ever works out. :)

Well now you know what you want for Christmas.

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Instead of asking for normal headphones, ask for wireless ones. :)

No, it doesn't. The sound would be too crapy.

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There are Bluetooth headphones which are pretty sweet!

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They exist and your spelling is "crapy".

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Lord voldomort will return very much alive

Cut off! I get it. You Brits crack me up.

yeaah some of my best friends r british and they sure r funny

Next time you'll be more careful with scissors, and maybe invest in a pair of cheap headphones for when you are doing?

that really sucks, op. but ydi. most definetly.


I recommend you no longer waste our lives with these utterly disgraceful comments.

Too bad you didn't cut yourself in the process as well.