By Rocky209 - United States - San Francisco
Today, I woke up to the sound of my little sister knocking on my door. Today's my birthday, so I thought she'd surprise me with something. Instead, she just asked me, "How's it feel to be a year older and still alone?" I just turned 20. The truth hurts. FML
Rocky209 tells us more :
Im not really into relationships, but a hang out buddy would be nice.
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  a1_z9  |  10

I felt similarly when I was 20, didn't want a relationship, but felt a bit lonely and my family weren't overly supportive! It took moving out and gaining more independence to be happy with my single life (shortly after I found a partner, typical!). There's hope for you yet, one way or another :)

  Rocky209  |  17

Oh, im just saying that i wish my mom would be supportive of me trying to get friends.. she says its better not to have friends. I'm not allowed to go out under my moms roof.. been like this since kid years so id probably get lost crossing the street on my own lol

  Rocky209  |  17

Because she thinks that if you have friends, it means you care about strangers more than your family. And sadly, at this point, its kinda true. I consider my internet friends as family.

  pandalover69  |  26

Do you have a job? Or are you in school, it really sounds like you need to distance yourself from your mom. You should move out as soon as you can. She should not be controlling you like this, that's really messed up. I'm really sorry OP.

By  theTravinator  |  21

Happy birthday OP! And don't worry about what your sister said, siblings can say the harshest shit. If you want someone then put yourself out there- if it's not your concern then you're in the clear