By Anonymous - 07/12/2010 06:23 - United States

Today, I spent hours voluntarily decorating my town for Christmas. After a break, I came back to find someone had re-positioned the wooden reindeer to make it look like they were humping. FML
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So now a wooden reindeer has his wood in reindeer?

Fiskars02 2

lol pure win. id do the same thing


you can't stop the woodland critters blood orgy!!!

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Bahahahahahah I liked my butt off. are you sure your not just blaning someone else? ;)

I would have at least taken some pictures. with myself and the dear.

Oh boy, can't wait till Santa sees this! Rudolph humping Vixen(;

zkchild 0

They were just trying to help decorate.

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you and me baby aint nuthen but mamels so lets do it like they do on discovery channel

Clearly, they have a sense of humour. Laugh, OP. 'Tis the season to be jolly. :D

In no way an fml. thats brilliant! It would definately change a childs idea of reindeers!

am i not allowed to saw that tgis is not an fml? I did say it was very funny though!

JonaDona 2

why would you say that? Obviously anyone's life would be pretty F up after someone made a wooden deer hump another (sarcasm)

FYL for not having a sense of humor :(

I agree, I hate people with no sense of humor.