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Today, I noticed a woman struggling to work a parking meter, so I went over to help. She took one look at me before screaming, hitting me in the face, and running back to her car. FML
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that's when you do the same back. stand up, take a look at her, make a terrified face, then hit her and run.

iAmScrubs 19

You forgot to mention the part where you whispered in her ear, "oh yeah baby, work that parking meter."


whoisthisgirl 4

Silly OP, you forgot to take off your trenchcoat and ski mask!

Andrew1122 0

you deserve it for looking like a creeper!

Sadly, I know at least a couple of girls who get scared when any male approaches them for no apparent reason in public. Why, you ask? They're paranoid about rapists. That said, it'd be a lot funnier if the OP was female instead of male like most people are assuming.

I would take that as a compliment :D You've been hitting the gym huh?

DrugsAreBadMmkay 0

Either he looked like a criminal, or she was crazy.

Atleast she didn't use pepper spray like the crazy old grandmas in other FMLs.

itchy_arse 0

that's when you do the same back. stand up, take a look at her, make a terrified face, then hit her and run.

Lauren10102 3

Sometimes when I travel, I like to stay at fancy hotels and go to fancy restaurants where the valets open my door for me, so I decided that the next time they open my door I will scream, slam the door and drive away!

capothegee 0

she was white and what are u a minority. lol

jeob1992 8

You play it up at this point, run after her.

That's when you realise that it's time to take a good look at yourself and change what makes you look so damn scary. Either that or use it to your advantage to scare people.

kraine0712 2

^^This comment should still have zero thumbs up or down I clicked on it by accident. Sorry for wasting everyones time. hahaha

the just have one of those faces haha

kraine0712 2

Ok I know I made a mistake but this girls comment is dumb. Anyone who put a thumbs up to this is stupid. On top of that she can't even spell realize.

If you had noticed she's from Scotland, kraine, then maybe you would have "realised" that Brits spell some words differently than Americans.

obviosly she's english and they spell things differently there like favorite is spelled favourite so technically she can spell realize ( realise ) right .

I would do that to if I had a random person come up right behind me lol