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By Casey - 14/10/2010 18:20 - United States

Today, I realized it is now considered normal and routine that my boyfriend wets the bed after a night of drinking. FML
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make his ass sleep in the bathtub

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If it's white and slimy, it's not pee... It's mayonnaise.


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OP- look on the bright side! Cleaning it up can be good practice if you ever choose to have a baby! :p

FTC_Socialist 3

umm.. who the **** cares he said first? get over yer selfffff!! >_<

13, look at his pic... doesn't take a genius to figure that one out!

I'm kidding, just so y'all know... I'm straight, but i'm not one to talk...

get that idiot a diaper and stop bitchin about it


Marriage is like peeing in your pants...everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth inside!!

Be greatful you have a boyfriend, you dirty little hampster!!!!!

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I'm actually not gay but BI. so I don't really give a shit what people say about me. I have an amazing gf and couldn't be happier. thanks.

I figured so.. Well, good for you, emo kid!

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I'm many things. but none of those things are "emo" Quit with the stereotypes.

Op- If I were you I would make his ass sleep in the tub after he decided to drink.

65- he's not gay.. can't you seenits a girl?

Wow, 65, you seem like such a nice and unassuming person.

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People are so nice over the Internet. wrong. I only have to put up with shit over the computer but never in person. why is that? people are to affaraid to talk shit to your face.

KiddNYC1O 20

He's kidding people, don't get all butthurt.

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Hahahah dirty little hampsterr <33 ohh god that made me laughh for day's! I love jersey shoree !

Damn. I'm tryna be nice here. Sorry if you found it offensive. I'm only on here because I have no life...

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make his ass sleep in the bathtub

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Yes, Adan, in him. It's this old Cherokee tradition. You take a limb, (whichever limb you prefer) cut them open and piss inside of them.

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I was making the zoom zoom face with my wittle rocket ship! Duck you!

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Hopefully, that doesn't get you wet.

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he just likes to keep cool and wants to save money on air conditioning