By fmlsomuch - 25/02/2012 20:51 - Japan

Today, I told my mom about an article I'd seen that said people tend to make the most mistakes at 2 to 3 in the morning. Without a trace of humor in her voice, she said, "Tell me about it. You were conceived round about then." FML
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In other words you were a load your mother should've swallowed.

Well, your mom is kind of a bitch. Sorry OP.


In other words you were a load your mother should've swallowed.

Moms, they never think those answers are weird..

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it's five o'clock in the morning. conversation got boing. you said you're going to bed soon. so i snuck up to your bedrooom.

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#41 - That song isn't relevant to the FML. Just stop commenting so stupidly.

My dad told me he wished I was a ******** sometimes

OP, you should use 1's comment as a comeback to your mum!!

#68-OPs rarely care 2 remember any of their fake FMLs & don't care to look for them, and usually, they don't remember exactly wat they wrote

She seems like the spitting kind of girl

You should've said to her that you regret ever leaving your fathers penis alive...

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That's pretty f'd up but still f***ing hilarious!!

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Well, your mom is kind of a bitch. Sorry OP.

I still don't know how parents can say things like that to their children. I mean, come on, they never asked to be born!

At least she knows when you were conceived, right?

Well... I am pretty sure no one wants to know when their parents ****** to have them.

Realistically, it's not that hard to work out rough dates, or at least a timescale anyway.

A timescale of when people had sex to conceive their child?

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Yes. Going by the actual due date is the best way to accurately work it out, due to different circumstances.

I'd like to make some mistakes with #4 right around 2 or 3 am;)

I don't understand why people vote ydi on things like this.. Your mum sounds like a bitch.

Me neither. Cause they're just stupid I guess

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Because most of us realistically realise that plenty of pregnancies occur by accident, and whether they are actually happy about said accident it doesn't change the fact that it was not a decision made with forethought. If my mother told me this, I'd laugh. It's not a bitchy thing to say unless it was said in a bitchy way, which you can't discern from this.

46- please refer back to the FML, "without a trace of humor..." That can be taken a couple different ways, most of them being negative. In my opinion that is saying she wishes that OP was never born. Which wouldn't make me laugh at all. OP, you don't deserve it, FYL.

58, Didn't notice that bit :P Still though, she could have been referring to being pregnant being a mistake, it doesn't necessarily reflect on what she thinks of the child.

some people just feel the need to tear other people down... and what better way than on the internet, anonimously?

because he/she had to have seen it coming.... he really set himself up for that.

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Fyl op, but that's hysterical.

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How do you expect people to message you?

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Personal messages, FML has them. Well, the site anyway, not the app

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Thats funny but yea thats pretty ****** up.

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There's a popular line of baby clothing emblazoned with the motto: Should have settled for a ********. Sounds like you should be wearing the adult-sized version.

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Why would parents want their babies to wear something that says something like that?

I think they're more like gag gifts than anything else. They have a whole line of them at Spencer's.

There are people trashy and stupid enough to put that kind of stuff on their kids. Google image search it. It's quite upsetting that those kind of people exist...

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Well that was a lovely thing to learn.