By NextTimeMom'sDriving - 11/06/2014 16:41 - Canada - Kelowna

Today, my family and I were on a road trip. Everything was fine until we discovered that my dad, the driver, was not only fast asleep, he was also snoring. We were in the middle of the highway. FML
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Top comments did A) no one notice sooner B) you guys not crash C) you get yourselves out of this predicament Come on, we need more information here! On another note, hope everyone is okay :)

I hope no wreck occurred!


I hope no wreck occurred!

Sure hope not! OP should follow up.

Dude, your dad is a pro. Fast asleep cruising down the highway without you guys noticing for a while. That's some high-end skills right there.

"Jesus, take the wheel, I'm tired."

It did #1, right after OP thought to be true to FMLians and post it before waking up her dad. On a serious note, hope nothing went wrong and you guys kicked some sense into the irresponsible dad.

At least you lived to tell the tale? I hope everyone is okay op

So does rawr mean I love you in dinosaur? Or is that what the government wants us to think?

#82 its what the government want us to think.

It reminds me of the same scene from Due Date.

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wake him up! try not to scare him though... that would be terrible. follow up please so we know you are ok op!!

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I think he is okay, I'm sure instead of going straight to FML he woke his dad up and then posted it to FML. I hope..

Unless OP posted this fml before waking the dad up which would be ridiculous, I don't think they crashed and had a car wreck, got hospitalized, and while OP's family is in there, she posted this fml because that was her first priority to accomplish.

" I crashed My car into the bridge, I don't careee"

That is crazy op!!

Yeah OP! It's like Due Date in real life.

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except he didn't masturbate before falling asleep, at least I hope not..

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#43, wrong part of the movie.... he did that at night, he fell asleep in the middle of the day on the highway and crashed causing the guy in the passenger seat to break a bone or two, while since he was sleeping he was relaxed and didn't even have a scratch. At least that's the parts I can remember.

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#67 I think that you are correct.

Well that's a nightmare

Just cruising along.

Snoozing* along. No? anyone? did A) no one notice sooner B) you guys not crash C) you get yourselves out of this predicament Come on, we need more information here! On another note, hope everyone is okay :)

Obviously, they posted this.

76- obviously because the post is here. But that still doesn't answer his questions

I wonder if the dad was just faking being asleep seeing as they didn't all die? I know that some people will close the one eye closest to the passenger to fake sleeping, hopefully he was just doing that and fake snoring!

This really needs a follow up. Hope you and your dad and the rest of the passengers were okay, OP. Hopefully you were able to 'sleep' the terror off.

Why did you put quotes around sleep?

"It's ok dear, I have the cruise control on."

There was a case where a lady sued the winnebago company because they did not specify in the owner's manual that cruise control was not in fact auto pilot. She put the winnebago in cruise control to whike she made a sandwich, and crashed. She won the case.

Igive - That's an urban legend that's been around since the 1970's.

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Wow, that is impressive. I hope you're all okay :)