By Boned...hard - 28/01/2010 00:09 - France

Today, after confessing my love for my best friend, he looked at me and said "I'm not feeling it. But does this mean we can have sex?" FML
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and the douche bag award goes to

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He's your BEST friend? You have great taste.


shlee053 2

Thas not righttttttttttt

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Once again sir. You win ^

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WIN #23

He's really sweet.. Really he is.. Sorry to hear. You'll find better.

So FYL because the person you love wants to have sex with you??? :l And here I'am thinking our generation is filled with pimps, hoes and sluts...

fwends wiv benefits :D

tat a booooiii ahha

ughh men! but hey nothings wrong with fwb's :)

DID you say yes???

beannlove 7

im guessing that since the name is "boned hard" OP and her crush boned hard, but idk.. just a wild guess

and the douche bag award goes to

drum roll, please!!! 

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What an ass! You should be all 'sure' then when you go to do it tie him to the bed and leave him there. Lol Oh and sorry

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Sounds like ure only interested in sex... Whore.

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It was her friend who is interested in sex. Not her.

yeah! read twice moron!

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ha...contrary to popular belief girls are never "not interested" in sex , especially when it cones to teen crushes

so does it make a guy a whore who is only interested in sex??? lol u noob azathoth

its sad that all he cares about is most ppl im sorry OP dont do anything with him really

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just have sex with him. :)

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sometimes you just gotta go with the flow. but this isn't one of those times...unless you want it to be...

Either he was joking or congratulations, your best friend is an assole.

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He's your BEST friend? You have great taste.

Fair question. You should at least blow him.

I like your choice of name, OP.

lilbyrd43 0

And I also like your choice of name. Does that mean you gave up, and gave in to his request to bone......hard?